Ethical issues in inventory management

When we talk about ethics violations, we immediately think of executive management or some kind of Wall Street scandal, and we rarely realize that it occurs more frequently in the lower half of the workforce than in the glass tower. . Ethical violations in inventory management are committed by: 1. Knowingly giving inaccurate information to […]

Keystone Resort Vacation Rentals: Mountain House Vs River Run Base Areas

Keystone Resort, Colorado is home to world-class ski terrain, incredible restaurants, affordable cat skiing, three mountain peaks, and is one of the few resorts in Colorado that offers night skiing, making for a day out. longer ski runs, offering visitors a huge bang for their buck. It is also home to Kidtopia, a festival where […]

Pros and cons of investing in penny stocks

Typically, when you think of trading stocks, major stock exchanges may come to mind such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the National Association of Automated Securities Trading (NASDAQ), and the Stock Exchange. of the United States (AMEX). A Penny share is a low-priced security for a very small company with a market capitalization […]

The deadly secret that lurks in the first Toyota motorhomes

To most people, a Toyota motorhome built in the 1980s looks like a cute and charming RV. And for the most part this is exactly what they are. But there was a fatal flaw built into these motorhomes from the early 1980s that caused hundreds of people distress and disaster. As the size of the […]

A wagon of love – And – Prairie wolf – And – Still and silent I lie – And – The mist in the hollow

A CAR OF LOVE Oh what does bring the winter snowdrift? Two snuggled puppies in a red and green box. In an old rusty blue baby carriage They are gifts to greet again this Christmas The cubs look out into the snow To the house where the windows shine Because in there, a girl and […]