The masked allergy and symptoms

These differ from conventional allergies in that they often appear masked. For this reason, clinical ecology has been slow to gain medical acceptance. However, these days the clinical ecology physician is gaining recognition in Europe and the United States. Speaking about the situation in Australia, Professor Ian Lewis of the University of Tasmania says that […]

Lakeside properties for sale can mean income for the buyer

More and more people are saying that living in the city and buying lakeside properties for sale. They want to enjoy beautiful views, find some privacy and lead a more relaxed life. Sometimes these dreams can be realized immediately after realizing that income can be earned from a lakefront purchase. Many people would jump at […]

The science of pressure and relief

I see more and more people living their lives at such a fast and compressed pace that the phrase ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I’m stressed’ has found its way into our everyday language as commonplace. My response to these statements has always been that ‘Your relationship with time will challenge and directly impact your health. […]

How Grape Vines Shut Down When Under Stress

Vine close up. Vines has a really useful system SHUTDOWN mechanism. If the physiology-cell-tissue variables Red-Line then the chemical signals in the leaves, shoots and grapes begin to move. Chemicals like mammalian hormones move much more slowly and the message is to TURN OFF. If the season is too harsh they will just close for […]

Best Kitchen Countertop: And the Winner Is?

As with most remodeling decisions, “one size fits all” simply isn’t enough. There is no clear answer as to which countertop material is best, but this article should point you in the right direction. Each countertop material has its pros and cons, so it pays to do your research before making your final decision and […]