Far Eastern Art – Cynical Realism – An Exponent of Contemporary Chinese Art

Cynical realism: the history and the concept The Republic of China saw a great upheaval and contemporary movement in Chinese art in the early 1990s. Since the Cultural Revolution in China, there has been a beaten path and line for artists. This movement broke all the shackles of the collective conservative mentality and focused on […]

Restaurant Management Tips for a Smoothly Running Restaurant

Boosting sales by Service Magic: Implementing Sales Techniques in Your Restaurant Do you think that sales happen by magic? In a sense, you’re right, because you create the magic by giving your customer a positive impression of your restaurant’s food and service. Management and employees need to drive sales. Your service people are your top […]

Life without mobile devices: 9 ways to take back control of your lives, loves and relationships

Distraction is a killer! Distraction kills both people and relationships. The evidence for this is increasing daily; ignore it at your own risk. The average amount of time each of us spends in the cyber world is five to six hours per day. Hey, I’m not looking at my smartphone or tablet much! So someone […]

Millrose Games celebrates its 100th anniversary as the track’s most prestigious indoor event

I guess you’d have to be a runner to appreciate the Millrose Games, which celebrated its 100th edition over the weekend at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. The Millrose Games cannot be said to be the most prestigious indoor track and field competition in the world; in fact, it is THE most prestigious invitational […]

Natural Health – Preparing Your Belly For The Turkey

As you prepare your menus, your invitations, your shopping lists, and your homes for Thanksgiving this Thursday, you need to add an extremely important item to your list: preparing your own belly. Now you might be thinking “what the hell does that mean?” Well let me ask you this… …how did you feel the last […]

Online Forex Trading – How To Get Started

Online forex trading is a highly profitable activity that both professional and beginner traders can engage in. Forex trading is easier than ever. The ability to trade online offers 24-hour trading, low trading costs, high liquidity, and more available leverage. There is even software available to help traders of all skill levels, whether you are […]

Guitar Plans – How to Make a Guitar Body Template From Paper Plans

You have just purchased a set of guitar plans and are ready to start building your guitar. But you don’t want to cut or damage your original paper plans to build the templates. What is your job? Yes, you can easily make additional copies by going to a copy shop, but some of those drawings […]

The psychologist’s attitude towards infidelity: deal with your attitude before his or hers

K., a mother of two children, had been in a relationship with her husband for 5 years; she had been unfaithful to him many times over the course of her relationship. She recently found out that he had a 1-month-old baby with another woman as a result of a case of her cheating behavior. “We’re […]