mobile car wash business; Prevent employees from stealing your cash

A mobile car wash business is an excellent business. It is simple; no inventory, no location and for the most part a cash business too. However, with all its simplicity, one has to ask the obvious question; How the heck do you stop the workers at your mobile car wash business from stealing your cash […]

Trou Aux Biches Hotel is the new luxury resort in Mauritius

If you’ve been dreaming of going to an island paradise, you might be interested to know that a new hotel has opened in Mauritius. An island holiday means mornings lounging on palm-fringed beaches, afternoons lapping in the sea, and nights dining by candlelight in secluded restaurants—and if you’re looking for all of these things, then […]

20 Must-Have Push Notification Best Practices for Ecommerce Merchants

Mobile marketing is the recent buzzword and push notification is definitely an indispensable part of this promotional journey. Reaching out to users outside of app usage was not an easy task, but push notifications have made it possible. You have the power to stay out of the way without getting lost in the colossal multitude […]

The Master Cleanse: The Celebrity Detox Diet That’s Been Around For Over 60 Years

Celebrities are raving about a certain detox diet that has been around for over 60 years. The Lemonade Diet, or commonly known as “The Master Cleanse,” was created in 1941 by a dietitian named Stanley Burroughs. A much larger Jared Leto went on the Master Cleanse Diet after gaining 62 pounds for his role in […]

Looking for the most excellent Christmas toys for children

Toys, an amazing word that may be on the minds of the vast majority of children around the world during the Christmas season. When you go shopping, you’ll find there’s a wide variety of great Christmas items for kids of all ages. Discovering that excellent gift for your children can be an extremely satisfying experience […]

Understand the basics of how to lose weight

The basics – We meet some people who don’t gain weight even though they eat what they want. At the other extreme are people who seem to gain weight no matter how little they eat. Consequently, some effortlessly stay slim, while others fight hard to avoid gaining weight. Essentially, our weight depends on the number […]

Sailors, maritime workers protected by special laws for injuries on the job

People who are injured very often are entitled to damages, whether they are involved in a car, truck, train, plane or boat accident. In some cases, however, the procedures for seeking justice are very different because the recovery rules are based on entirely different laws. For several years, railroad workers had specific rights under federal […]