A mark of distinction: custom cabinets and cabinets

Custom cabinets are a mark of distinction in a home, giving you the most direct way to get what you want. The remodel provides the opportunity to make creative use of storage space and improve the livability of interior areas. Kitchens are often the rooms that get the most benefit from remodeling, providing time-saving amenities and improving access to frequently used storage space.

As the most popular room in homes today, the kitchen is often the favorite gathering place for family and friends. By providing a comfortable space that allows everyone to relax or socialize, as well as a suitable workspace for the chef, a kitchen cabinet remodel is the perfect place to start a transformative project.

Focus on needed improvements

Realtors confirm that kitchen remodels provide the best return on investment. To get the result you want to achieve, focus on what is wrong with your current kitchen setup. If you’re like most homeowners, these are typical complaints:

Put cabinets within easy reach

The average height of American women is much less than five and a half feet, but reaching the top shelf of most cabinets is next to impossible except for those who are at least a foot taller. Seemingly without regard for accessibility, contractors install cabinets that are too tall and too deep. You can improve accessibility and increase storage space by using custom cabinets that are designed just the way you want.

Most falls in homes are related to stairs, and stools commonly used in kitchens are flimsier and less sturdy than full-size ladders. The annoyance of finding a stool for the purpose of placing items on the top shelf of a cabinet is compounded by the likelihood of a fall.

Using creative concepts for storage

Pots and pans are used for almost all meals and are typically stored on shelves in base cabinets. To reach them you have to bend over until you are almost face down or bend over uncomfortably and stretch as much as possible. Having a pulled muscle or losing your balance are unfortunate outcomes that you can avoid with proper storage space planning. Custom cabinets that use pull-out shelves put pots within easy reach, and a large pull-out drawer is a better alternative, too.

Trust Expert Cabinet Makers

Making the kitchen a pleasant place to work or relax is one of the most important goals of kitchen cabinetmakers. By taking note of the areas in your kitchen that give you the least access to storage or inconvenience you, you can achieve great results in a remodel that makes kitchen activities more enjoyable. Using custom cabinets that meet your requirements allows you to enjoy the best features of workflow design that is based on innovative storage concepts.

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