Gas Hot Water Heater for Raised Above Floor Garage – FVIR Safety

The following are the general requirements for the installation of the garage gas water heater in relation to the height of the burner chamber above the floor surface. Depending on the model/type/age of your particular water heater and your jurisdiction, these may or may not apply; always check before installation. If there isn’t a manual […]

An introduction to the Samsung Galaxy Note and its impressive list of specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a unique device for several reasons. This is because it somewhat bridges the gap between smartphone and tablet with its 5.3-inch touchscreen. This makes it larger than most smartphones and smaller than most tablets. Whichever category you want to place it in, one thing is for sure; this is a […]

Female basketball star unexpectedly teaches a poker lesson

When Candace Parker rose from high school fame to stardom at the University of Tennessee, and then to the pros with the Los Angeles Sparks, everyone knew she’d be good for women’s basketball. Who would expect that she could also be good for your poker game? After Candace and Lisa Leslie propelled the LA Sparks […]

Thailand: Enjoy Top 5 Places For Live Bands And Nightlife In Bangkok

Thailand is one of the best places to enjoy an exciting nightlife. There are numerous bars and clubs where you can enjoy live bands, perfect for an amazing night out. Here are the top five places in Bangkok to enjoy live bands: o Tokyo Joe’s: Located at 9/25 Sukhumvit Soi, just opposite the Tara Hotel. […]

Money managers are looking forward to 2011

In a recent interview on Fox Business, Ed Butowsky joined other panelists to discuss the following topics on the horizon for investors and analysts in 2011: Billion dollar IPO boom in 2011? Investors expect a huge launch of multi-billion dollar IPOs starting in early 2011. For comparison, in all of 2010 there were roughly $200 […]

Explaining Investing to Kids: Actions, Power Statements

For my nephew’s 13th birthday, I transferred some shares into a UTMA account for him under a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), and have been using the investment as a teaching opportunity. Whenever I receive a statement or other correspondence about the investment, I send it to him with a short note explaining what it is […]

Role and functions of the social media marketing agency

With the dynamics of business houses changing with each passing day, new strategies are being implemented to satisfy every little requirement of the businesses in the best way. Creating a brand identity and initiating a productive dialogue with potential customers play the most important role in writing the business houses success story. Overcoming the traditional […]

From prehistory to the Playstation: a history of children’s toys

Traditional toys and games have been a part of society and culture around the world for thousands of centuries, possibly since the beginning of time. As early as 6000 BC, we know of the existence of games similar to modern chess. The Babylonians in the year 4000 a. C. they also played a board game […]

Bowflex Max Trainer Vs Treadmill – Which is better for you?

Trying to decide between Bowflex Max Trainer vs. a treadmill? The Bowflex Max is a new type of elliptical climber that is extremely popular right now. But the treadmill is still the most popular type of fitness equipment overall, and it offers you some definite advantages as well. So which is better for you? Here’s […]

Selecting the right business structure is important for incorporating a company in Singapore

They say it’s easy to incorporate a business in Singapore. However, “they” don’t tell you the intricacies and twists and turns involved in setting up a business in Singapore. In order to incorporate a company in Singapore, the first hurdle you will encounter is selecting a suitable business structure. To a large extent, outsourcing the […]