Is serotonin the link between migraines and premature ejaculation?

Recently, a research team at Wake Forest University School of Medicine conducted a study involving 68 young adults with the open goal of establishing a relationship between self-reported sexual desire and migraine. Each participant reported the level of sexual desire by completing a 14-item questionnaire. At the same time, the participants were asked to conclude […]

AM Water Actify by Amega Global – Red Bull of Water Ionizers

INTRODUCTION An alkaline, antioxidant, energized, ionized, antioxidant, micro-clustered (6 times smaller in molecules) hydrating technological wonder! Why is AM Water Activate the ‘Red Bull’ of water ionizers? Unlike any other water ionizer on the market, this one uses Amized Fusion and Zero Point Energy technology to activate the H2O. THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER Everyone knows […]

6 Crucial Things to Check in Your Vehicle Before a Road Trip

From time to time, we dare to do that road experience, right? Whether for business or pleasure, there is a list of things to check before making your experience on the avenue. In case you’re wondering, why do I want to check my vehicle before a road trip?’ Well, road trips, particularly long ones, can […]

Top tools and technologies to dominate analytics in 2016

Data analysis always gives the final result in some defined terms. Different techniques, tools and procedures can help in the dissection of data, transforming it into actionable information. Looking to the future of data analytics, we can predict some of the latest trends in technologies and tools being used to dominate the analytics space: 1. […]