Diggity’s Hot Dog

Also known as sausage or sausage sausage, the origin of the hot dog is claimed by the city of Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, and also by a butcher living in Coburg, Germany, who traveled to Frankfurt to promote his new product, in sometime in the late 17th century. Either way, German immigrants brought not only the sausage […]

The Charm Bracelet – How to Find Right Place to Buy Silver Bracelets For Women

The Charm Bracelet – How to Find Right Place to Buy Silver Bracelets For Women: Women’s bracelets have always been one of the trendiest accessories for ladies. They come as a great little addition to any attire. With different styles ranging from elegant to casual, bracelets have always been used and worn by women all […]

How to Use Marketing Channels to Drive Book Sales

Introduction Understanding how online and offline marketing channels can work together is essential to the financial success of your book. These channels, if used together consistently, can help you as the author achieve sustainable competitive advantage. It will also help your book generate a steady stream of income. Here is a brief discussion and explanation […]

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The Heart-Touching Spirit of Caring!

If you are thinking of unique ideas for 1st wedding anniversary gifts, this task needs some special attention and planning on your part. Remember that the spirit of consideration is the real one that counts! The first anniversary is a very special day for two people who have achieved a one-year milestone on a lasting […]