Why wouldn’t my daughter read Twilight

Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight became popular due to her unique love story between a human, Isabella Swan, and a vampire, Edward Cullen. The background was missing and the characters in the book felt two-dimensional. I wouldn’t let my daughters read Twilight at all, and I tell them why. Isabella Swan, nicknamed Bella, is the main character […]

Criminal Justice Report Writing: Interviewing a Person with Special Needs

Police officers often encounter citizens with special needs, such as vision, hearing, or mobility problems. These tips will help you conduct an interview efficiently and effectively. 1. Use your voice appropriately. Many people start screaming without thinking when talking to a person in a wheelchair or someone who cannot see. Speak normally. (The same principle […]

Songs with classic spoken word introductions

He had abandoned it as a lost art, as another forgotten victim of commercialism in the entertainment world. First it was the time of publicity that led to the demise of catchy-themed TV shows, such as classics like Brady’s Bunch gold Gilligan’s island or even less old series like Full house gold Friends. Then, apparently, […]

Naivasha: traveling through history and astonishing beauty

Naivasha (which is actually a colonial misinterpretation of the name Maasai Nai’posha, which means “turbulent water” in reference to the evening storms that frequented the lake) is a small city with a population of approximately 400,000 located about 70 km . Northwest of Nairobi, on the shores of Lake Naivasha and along the Nairobi – […]

Ranthambore The Land of the Royal Bengal Tiger

The Aravalli Hills are a long chain of low-lying mountains that once hosted abundant wildlife and forests. Although dry deciduous forests still abound, they have faced an enormous amount of denudation due to increasing human and livestock populations creating unsustainable biotic pressures. There are few pockets of dense jungle that still survive and are capable […]

Best Designer Swimwear Styles of 2009

Swimwear fashion is generally influenced by the styles of celebrities. The most watched designer swimwear pattern among celebrities this year includes bright hues, one-shoulder motifs, and a cutout monokini look. However, when it comes to women’s swimwear, there is more than meets the eye. So here’s a look at bikini cut details, colors, prints, and […]