Detroit Travel: A Bike Tour of Corktown and Mexicantown

My Detroit discoveries were slowly but surely coming to an end, and I had already seen so many interesting places on my whirlwind tour over the past four days. Right before I was ready to cross the border into Windsor again, I had one more adventure on my schedule: a bike tour through southwest Detroit […]

Building an informed Africa: time to act

“Information technology has created pathways unaffected by distance or geography. Africa stands up and shows the world that you are worth it. Speak out AFRICA, silence is treason.” In any situation, the most informed individuals remain the most dominant and powerful over their counterparts. Being more informed gives them the mandate to impose conditions on […]

Eliminate stagnation in your life: prayers that deal with the spirit of stagnation

How do you know if it is stagnant? Here are some signs · If you have been experiencing chronic procrastination in your goals. If you never feel like doing anything. If you keep turning to sleeping, eating, playing, mindless activities and entertainment for your comfort. If you know that you should be doing something but […]

Eye to eye: facing the consequences of dividing Israel

A book review By Gary Boyd William Koenig, author of Eye to Eye, has been a White House correspondent for sixteen years, president of World Watch Daily and publishes weekly, Koenig’s View from the White House. In his book Eye to Eye, you will learn about the consequences nations and leaders have gone through after […]

Dispatches from the Gulf Coast – Honey Island Swamp

FOR ME, THE EXPLORATION HAS ALWAYS STARTED AT THE END OF CIVILIZATION. In most places, one has to retreat from neon signs and golden arches and completely step out of the concrete jungle to find nature. Generally, if I even have a reception bar on my cell phone, I haven’t gotten far enough away. Most […]

Advantages and disadvantages of penis enlargement pills

There are many advantages to taking penis enlargement pills and very few disadvantages. These pills work for most men and there are hundreds of testimonials on websites to prove it. There are many men who have taken the time and energy to do something about their small penis size, and now they walk more proud […]

Tilly Bagshawe – Filling Sidney Sheldon’s Shoes

Tilly Bagshawe is well known for her latest efforts Mistress of the Game and After the Darkness, so it’s quite normal for readers to have questions about how she got involved in writing the Sidney Sheldon legacy. Tilly Bagshawe attributes it to luck and the fact that she was there just in time. Tilly was […]

New revelations about the death of Princess Diana

I want to share a discovery that I made. Some new information on the death of Princess Diana. This is not another wild conspiracy theory. It is relevant information and, I think, important. Now, I’m just going to introduce it and let you decide the answers to these two questions: Is there anything substantial in […]