Explaining Investing to Kids: Actions, Power Statements

For my nephew’s 13th birthday, I transferred some shares into a UTMA account for him under a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), and have been using the investment as a teaching opportunity. Whenever I receive a statement or other correspondence about the investment, I send it to him with a short note explaining what it is […]

Marketing to your existing customer base

Taking inventory. What kind of products and/or services does your company sell? Many companies sell one or more products and/or services; How well do you know your business? Starting with a basic list or categorizing products/services will help you organize and add clarity when developing a new foundational marketing strategy. Once your list is built, […]

Freelance Writing Opportunities – Get Exposure to Great Freelance Work

Freelance writing opportunities are some of the most tempting of all employment opportunities out there. Unique freelance writing opportunities are everywhere, but you may just need someone to point you in the right direction. For many people, the appeal lies in the flexibility in terms of location, time, and potential earnings. It is quite possible […]

Implementation of VoIP services in a company

Improving profitability and growing the business are key facets for the success of any company. The achievement of both objectives is generally influenced by a wide variety of factors, including telecommunications. Now that technology has given the world VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol capability, it is important for forward-thinking businesses to implement VoIP services […]

Data Science: The Key to an Unprecedented Revolution

Data science and business today When you visit sites like Amazon and Netflix, they remember what you search for, and the next time you visit these sites again, you’ll get suggestions related to your previous searches. The technique through which companies are able to do this is called Data Science. Industries have just realized the […]