5 tips for better aiming with the air rifle when hunting

Hunting requires the shooter to be alert and fast. Otherwise, the target can immediately escape with no possibility of reappearing. Alertness can be achieved not only with a good physique and a healthy body, but also by applying certain techniques and using tools that help to aim better when hunting. Below are some of the […]

Tales of Xillia

Ah, Japanese RPGs, a staple of my gaming life. In Japan, the market is full of games of this type (obviously, that’s why they are called JRPG), but there have always been two important series among the countless titles of the genre: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. There has also always been a series behind […]

WoW strategy tips

There are many WoW strategy tips that are available to you on the web, the problem is that there are so many completely different options available, the question is, which World of Warcraft strategy guide is the best for you? We strongly recommend that you first find out what you really need, what you really […]

Find out which are the best boots in Diablo 2 for an assassin

Shadow Dancer is a pair of unique Myrmidon greaves, and aptly named due to the + 1-2 boost to Shadow Disciplines it offers to Assassins. They have some nice mods and provide some great damage to Assassins who use kicks for their finishing moves. In fact, Shadow Dancer is the unique pair of boots that […]