They are real! Security cameras that capture real spirits and ghosts

What do we really know about our world? There are so many things that we still don’t know, even now. One might think that we have come far, with the Internet and all the new technology that we have now. In fact, we have jumped a long way with this new information system. However, with […]

How to Cope After a Home Security Crisis

When it comes to home security and safety, we do everything we can. It is important that our homes remain sanctuaries, places where we can remain unharmed. However, despite our best efforts and wishes, break-ins and break-ins happen. Every year, thousands of homes are invaded across the United States, from the largest cities to the […]

The future belongs to those who are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in life.

In Nigeria, as in most of the world, there is a misconception that the future belongs to the youth. I absolutely do not agree with such submission, knowing full well that young people have been deliberately neglected and deprived of the necessary development and tools to effectively assume a leadership position in all segments of […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of C-Mount Security Cameras

The first security camera was a C-mount security camera and they were first introduced in the 1970s. Perhaps it was the fact that fashion was not at its peak that these bulky, boxy security cameras look the way they do. they do, but it had more to do with the technological limitations of the time. […]

New book reveals secrets to adapt to future changes

Scott Scantlin’s new book The Relevance Gap is a much-needed help for anyone who wants to make sure they’re not left behind as we move into the third decade of the 21st century and beyond. Scantlin begins by defining the relevance gap as “the distance between where you are and the speed with which the […]

Importance of timelines and checklists when planning your events – the secret to getting it right!

Event timelines and checklists serve as important and essential planning tools in almost every step of the planning process. They are extremely helpful in keeping you focused and on track. You can be as specific as you want or need for each area of ​​your event. Checklists ensure that significant and essential tasks and details […]