Is rice really bad for you when you are on a diet?

(Most people avoid rice because it is considered a bad carbohydrate that makes you gain weight, is that true?) Most carbohydrates like wheat, rice, and other grains like corn and millet contain a similar amount of carbohydrates and calories compared to weight. So why is rice considered bad for your health when you are on […]

What are the top 3 supplements for building muscles?

How Do Muscle Building Supplements Work? To answer this question, you must first learn how the muscle building process goes. The body building process seems easy. All you have to do is lift weights, eat the right nutrition, and take the best supplements for muscle building, right? There comes a time when you will hit […]

An Easy Way To Lose Weight With Vitamin B6 Supplement: New Discovery For Natural Weight Loss

Are you motivated to lose weight? You sure are! Are you aware of the dangerous health consequences of being overweight? But, like many other people, your battle to lose weight is unsuccessful! You have probably tried so many different types of pills and diets to no avail! You would like to know if a new […]

The Medifast 5 + 1 or 4 + 2: How Do You Decide Which Plan Is For You?

Sometimes I hear from people who are confused about which Medifast plan to choose. I get a lot of questions from people trying to determine the differences between 4 + 1 or 5 +1. I often hear comments like “I’m trying to decide between Medifast 4 +1 or 5 + 1. What’s the real difference? […]

Whiskey, Wine, and a Good Night’s Sleep: Avoid the Harmful Effects of Alcohol in Your Sleep

The cup has quite a following: Up to 15% of people use alcohol to seduce the Sandman, large-scale surveys show. The sleep-inducing effects of alcohol occur in part because it is a muscle relaxant (relaxed muscles help you fall asleep more quickly) and in part because it is a psychological (or emotional) relaxant, says clinical […]