The importance of investing in sales training in the service industry

Investing in sales training is essential if you want to enjoy success as a business. In the United States, billions are spent annually on sales training. There is a widespread belief that anyone can sell, therefore there is little or no investment in sales training in some organizations. A paradigm shift and attitude change is […]

Westie Dogs: The Benefits Of Adopting An Older West Highland White Terrier

Everyone loves baby animals and Westie puppies are adorable, but new dog customers often don’t realize the commitment they’re making when they bring home a puppy. For those who want the companionship of Westies, but don’t have the knowledge or patience to endure the training process, rescuing an older Westie dog may be the right […]

Not sure if he’s the one for you or not? These tips will help you make a decision

You are on top of the world because you are in love and you feel that everything is bright and that there is sunshine everywhere without a hint of cloud. You are immersed in the wonderful feeling of love that can overlook the signs that suggest that he is really the one for you. Watch […]