my new partner

You may want to consider a few things that can make your new pet a much better companion. When you buy a new Pup, try to see the parents or at least one of them so you have a realistic idea of ​​what size it will end up with. As puppies they are almost all […]

Yorkie eye problems and prevention of vision loss in these dogs

It is important to monitor your pet’s vision because there are certain Yorkie eye problems that can develop in this breed of dog. When a Yorkshire Terrier loses his sight, it is often a distressing situation for both the dog and its owner. It also restricts what your Yorkie can do, and in some cases […]

A wagon of love – And – Prairie wolf – And – Still and silent I lie – And – The mist in the hollow

A CAR OF LOVE Oh what does bring the winter snowdrift? Two snuggled puppies in a red and green box. In an old rusty blue baby carriage They are gifts to greet again this Christmas The cubs look out into the snow To the house where the windows shine Because in there, a girl and […]

How to cure chronic hives: 8 tips to treat chronic hives naturally

Coping with chronic idiopathic urticaria Chronic idiopathic urticaria, also more commonly known as hives, is an allergic reaction to one or more allergens that may never manifest themselves, hence the word idiopathic (reason unknown). Urticaria-A Quick Overview Symptoms of the condition vary in appearance and size, for example, hives may be round and resemble small […]