Paying For College: A Gift That Keeps Giving: Helpful Strategies For Grandparents To Lend A Hand

Adding in the cost of college tuition, fees, and housing, this number can easily double. But paying for college shouldn’t be necessary to win the lottery. Careful and coordinated planning by parents and grandparents with the help of a trusted financial advisor can help reduce the burden on families and their children. Before grandma or […]

Foreclosure Inventory Is Running Out: Where Are The Deals Now?

Florida, which has notably been home to a quarter of the nation’s foreclosures, saw a 62% decline in foreclosures during 2011. Add to this a new report from the Department of Commerce showing inventory levels of homes are in a better-than-healthy 5.6-month supply and it is obvious that real estate investors need to start honing […]

HUD’s New Lawsuit Covers Familiar Ground

In late May, the real estate world was shocked when HUD filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against several major real estate firms and a natural hazard disclosure reporting company that alleged violations of RESPA in connection with their former joint venture. Business. Although at the time, […]

Subject To Investing After COVID: Is This The Next Big Opportunity?

The next wave of motivated salespeople is coming! Well that’s what I keep hearing anyway. We’ve been talking about this and other COVID-related tips on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t checked, please do so. One short video a week helping real estate investors like you make more money. While you’re there, do me a […]