Top 3 Ways to Buy Commercial Property Without Your Own Money!

Investing in commercial real estate is an industry in abundance. There is literally an unlimited amount of money available to people who want to borrow it. So much, in fact, that you can literally buy millions of dollars in commercial property without using a dollar of your own money! Unless you already have millions of […]

Finding Success in the Tampa Condo Market

The Tampa condo market, no longer just a cheaper alternative for single-family home hunters or baby boomers, now has a growing variety of options. The spectrum of condo properties ranges from luxurious high-rise penthouses that rival several million detached houses, to hotel condos that allow homeowners to experience a VIP lifestyle, to urban lofts that […]

How to be a guru of expired listings (Note: This is 100% legal)

The biggest mistake you can make in real estate sales is overlooking more mature fruit. Where is the most ripe fruit in real estate sales? Here is the list of the easiest goals for your professional quality real estate brokerage services: In order from COLD TO HOT leads: 9. People hiding under random targets (cold […]

Thinking of buying real estate with Roth IRA funds? 4 tips to invest without mistakes

If you are considering buying real estate with Roth IRA funds, let me give you a little advice. Choose the right custodian. There are many examples of a successful IRA renewal buying real estate, but the fees charged by multiple custodians can make a big difference. # 1 – Undvested Cash Balances Once you start […]