First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: The Heart-Touching Spirit of Caring!

If you are thinking of unique ideas for 1st wedding anniversary gifts, this task needs some special attention and planning on your part. Remember that the spirit of consideration is the real one that counts! The first anniversary is a very special day for two people who have achieved a one-year milestone on a lasting […]

The Academic Navel Observers

There is a difference between bureaucratic thinking and rational thinking. If one is not conscious, it can lead to distorted perceptions. In bureaucratic thinking, common sense is not allowed. One is always guided by the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law. Bureaucratic thinking is limited thinking. Large organizations, professions, institutions, hospitals, […]

Do you feel the need for a burger in Orange County, California?

Sometimes even a self-proclaimed “vegetarian” just wants a good old-fashioned burger. The best part about being in Orange County is that you can find places all over the place that make really good burgers, and they’re NOT necessarily made from beef, unless you order them that way. Let’s say hamburgers and their fries are as […]

Enjoy a pleasant stay with your family at a Kallangur, Queensland motel

Who does not like to enjoy a picnic accompanied by their loved ones? And it gets even better when you choose a locally owned motel in Kallangur, Queensland. Staying in a motel has always been considered reasonable by those who have to think twice about paying for high-priced accommodation in luxurious hotels. A motel stay […]

Five Tips to Help Save Your Child from Technology Addiction

Could too much time in tech lead to rebellious or even worse behavior with your child? An Iowa teenager recently ran away from home when his parents took his cell phone from him. As reported by most of the mainstream media, the 13-year-old boy was found dead about five days later. While no one will […]

Team building helps bring a group together

Employees feel isolated and bored if they have to spend weeks and months with monotonous mechanical work. It’s more worrisome to get uncooperative vibes from your colleagues and especially from managers. Team building events are special occasions that most companies hold to build a confidence boost among employees and allow them to mingle and get […]

A perfect day to dissect JD Salinger’s banana fish

JD Salinger’s classic 1951 tale, “A Perfect Day for the Banana Fish,” features Salinger’s favorite character, Seymour Glass, only to be killed several pages later. The story begins in an elegant hotel room by the sea, where we hear Glass’s wife on the phone with her mother discussing Seymour’s mental health. From there, we head […]