Do you need a secure website based on CMS? Look no further than the expression engine

If you are looking to develop a website for your organization, choose Expression Engine (EE), a CMS that offers one of the strictest security measures for website content and users. It provides various built-in frameworks and support for third-party security features such as Captcha checks (a plugin that determines whether or not a comment is […]

How to make videos that don’t suck! Choosing the Right Editing Software for the Job

I am asked weekly what is the best editing software. There are a few options worth considering and what you choose will depend on your specific needs. The first three I recommend cover all the bases, from beginner to expert, and from Mac to PC. The first and most widely used software is Adobe Premiere […]

Pros and cons of online business

Website sales have become so popular that other retailers, even those you’d never think would take the online approach, have come online. A recent example would, of course, be giant retailers like Wal-Mart, now competing with Amazon instead of Amazon competing with them. Amazon recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with “huge” sales for its Amazon […]

How not to win friends, influence people or make money on Facebook!

It’s a bit like driving a car: you either “get it” or you don’t, if you don’t, you take more lessons. Making money on Facebook is a skill that must be learned. Just got another awesome offer from a Facebook friend, I just became a friend, not so much as a “Hello”, just BAM, Buy […]

Earn money using apps on Facebook

Many people are interested in making money online; however, they are afraid of online money making scams. If you’re using Facebook, you’ve probably heard of making money on Facebook. But the question is, will you really make money with Facebook? Because Facebook apps are incredibly simple and useful, anyone with a Facebook account has the […]

Boost team spirit! Great Ideas for High School Sports Clubs

July had become our new vacation month. After years of dodging August “dog days” in Lake George, New York, our family had to adjust to a new schedule. Beginning in 1995, August revolved around high school fall sports and their preseason practices. So over the years, while our four were involved in soccer, field hockey, […]

Why hire an SEO company or SEO services for online businesses?

Many businesses hoping to increase their online presence are either hiring an SEO company or using SEO services well to reap the full benefits while achieving their goals. Although trying to learn SEO on your own is a good idea and also a tempting one, there are high chances that you implement SEO techniques incorrectly […]

WOW! I’m going to do some cold calling today!

I am a fan of cold calling. I said it there. Cold calling isn’t as engaging as social selling, lifecycle messaging, or content marketing. – And despite what any hipster ‘customer success advocate’ tells you… Cold Calling is NOT dead. Before I interrupt the force and piss off every mobile marketing Jedi in the galaxy… […]