Money managers are looking forward to 2011

In a recent interview on Fox Business, Ed Butowsky joined other panelists to discuss the following topics on the horizon for investors and analysts in 2011: Billion dollar IPO boom in 2011? Investors expect a huge launch of multi-billion dollar IPOs starting in early 2011. For comparison, in all of 2010 there were roughly $200 […]

The benefits of exact match keyword domain names

An exact match keyword domain name is a web URL that is made up of terms that perfectly match a popular search phrase, product, or service. For example, the exact match domain name for the search phrase “English Bulldogs” would be Domain investors and web developers often call these types of domains “category killers” […]

Top 10 Safety Tools for School Violence Prevention

After every school shooting on a K-12 campus, there is no shortage of tips, suggestions, or demands for change. Not all of these approaches are practical or possible; some are expensive, infeasible, and do not take into account the culture of the school district and the surrounding community. Many experts offered by the media offer […]

A Market for Lemons: The Cheap Price of Internet Retail Fraud

“The Lemon Market” was an economics article written by George Akerlof. It is useful today in explaining why individual “bad apples” can diminish the profitability of online businesses and how they can ultimately destroy entire markets. To get started, let’s find out a little about “The Lemon Market”. First of all, a “lemon” by definition […]

How To Win Big As A Beginner In 2021 – Two Things You Need To Focus On

If you focus on your mailing list and your product, you’ll progress faster than someone who tries to multitask. Done right, your mailing list will bring you tons of qualified traffic and your products will put cash in your bank account. First, let’s take a look at your mailing list. 1. Your mailing list Your […]

Stop yelling at your market – get your message heard

Does anyone remember the old EF Hutton TV commercials? Dead silence. People watch intently as someone murmurs: “EF Hutton thinks…”. The motto was “When EF Hutton speaks, people listen.” Well, those were the good old days of television and trusted investment advisers. It’s a different world now for a number of reasons: the global meltdown, […]