Real Life Pokémon: The Mythological History of Animals

Animals and storytelling have been a part of human culture since Homo Sapiens was born. Living in a world filled with majestic creatures that we hunted for food, skinned for clothes, and kept as pets has influenced our lives in powerful ways: religion, politics, and even war. From the sacred Egyptian cats to the sacred […]

Voice technology is the future: Google Assistant

Google recently demoed their Assistant to make a phone call and help you book an appointment for a haircut. When the conversation was overheard, the discussion sounded as if two people were talking together, whereas in fact online there was not a live person, but an ‘AI-powered Assistant’ that sounded more or less like talking […]

Enjoy private jet aviation charters without breaking the bank

Enjoy private jet charter flights without spending a lot of money. Yes, you heard right, this is possible. There is a misconception that flying private charter flights is only for the rich and famous, but new studies have shown that, in fact, flying a private jet could end up costing much less than a normal […]

ASP NET Hosting: Tips for Generating Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2012

Crystal Reports is powerful interactive report design software designed for developers. It allows you to conceive, investigate, explore and disseminate reports from the web or integrate them into company applications. The report is made from a friendly and ergonomic graphical interface. In addition, Crystal Reports is a popular Windows-based report writer (report generation program) that […]