Choose a real estate agent who cares

Whether you are looking to sell your home or buy your first home or a new one, statistics indicate that those represented by quality and responsive real estate agents generally get the best / best results. In most areas, there are a large number of agents to choose from, so doesn’t it make sense to take the time and effort to carefully interview several and determine who is the best for you? There are many factors to consider, but since, for most of us, our home represents either our largest financial asset or one of our largest, it is well worth the effort to get what you need and deserve. . In other words, you need a TAKING CARE OF real estate agent, and. only, when you take the time and effort to choose wisely, it’s the best for you. With that in mind, this article will briefly examine, consider, and review, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents.

1. Character; clarity; cooperative: Focus on the true character of each individual. Will you proceed, with the level of clarity, to make a quality difference, for the better? Does the prospective agent proceed with a cooperative approach, rather than a contradictory one?

2. Attitude; fitness; attention; articulate: You benefit when your representative has a positive, can-do attitude and looks for ways that you can, rather than focusing on problems. How well developed are the individual’s abilities and aptitudes? Will he pay close attention to you and your needs? Choose someone who is articulate and communicates clearly with all parties!

3. Relevant; realistic; Ready: Markets and economies change, and only someone who pays attention and uses relevant methods and approaches achieves the best results. Avoid someone looking to buy your ad by suggesting an overly optimistic listing price. Is the agent ready for prime time?

Four. Integrity; ideas; imagination: The most important thing to demand is someone with absolute integrity! When you find this, then you need someone who has a well-developed, relevant imagination and ideas that make a difference – for the better!

5. Needs; neighborhood: Pick someone who knows the neighborhood thoroughly and believes in it. Combining this, with putting your needs first, is the best for you.

6. Generate goodwill; great: A great agent proves his worth and value. generating goodwill, based on a combination of integrity, knowledge, skills, negotiation skills and other relevant characteristics, as well as their responsiveness, etc. Find yourself a great, rather than just a good one!

Who you choose to meet your real estate needs will have a significant impact! Choose wisely and carefully, and make it fit perfectly.

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