Christmas Gifts for School-Age Kids: The Sharp Digital Dictionary and Star Wars Mighty Beanz

Both products can offer two of the most important things that children want: to finish their tasks faster and to have fun. Sharp electronic dictionary can be the perfect tool for elementary and high school kids as they will all have aged English and writing homework to complete. The dictionary is compact at only five ounces in weight and is also small enough to fit inside any pocket.

The electronic dictionary receives all its references from five different main text sources. It also has more than 250,000 definitions and 350,000 synonyms. It also has more than 9,0000 geographic and biographical entries, phrase search functions, and grammar guides. It will definitely become a valuable asset to your children. Parents will definitely want to use this too because it also comes with crossword puzzles.

The device comes with the capacity of 80 by 150 pixels and also the zoom of 9 by 12 points. this will ensure that you get the sharpest views from the image displays. It can be run with a single Triple A whisk. Your kids may also appreciate some of the spell check features, as well as the calculator, anagram solver, currency and metric converter.

Another great gift is the Mighty Beanz Star Wars characters. These will be perfect for kids who love Star Wars, or just any kid in general. They will do somersaults and also roll. Your kids will definitely be busy playing with these!

Made to look like characters from Star Wars, the toys are flashy and bright to look at. Some of the characters include Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, Yoda, and R2D2. You can also find them in collectible tin-shaped tins that are designed after Darth Vader. Each of the thins will include two beans.

You could even buy a starter set. These sets come with the Darth Vader collectible tin, five beanz droids, three beanz, with a spinning track. Each tin can contain all 80 beanz in the series. You can buy more beanz in four packs or one at a time.

The Star Wars version of the Mighty Beanz toys is considered one of the bets that sell children’s toys this Christmas, and the number of characters available in the set is increasing. In addition to the Beanz themselves, there is also a Star Wars Beanz Tin Holder that comes with 3 exclusive Beanz.

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