Data Science: The Key to an Unprecedented Revolution

Data science and business today

When you visit sites like Amazon and Netflix, they remember what you search for, and the next time you visit these sites again, you’ll get suggestions related to your previous searches. The technique through which companies are able to do this is called Data Science.

Industries have just realized the immense possibilities behind data, and they are collecting a lot of data and exploring it to understand how they can improve their products and services to get more satisfied customers. The reason why Data Science is succeeding in its search is that we are increasingly interacting with the Internet. Websites are no longer just bulletin boards, but a place where we interact and leave footprints.

Data Science Impacts

  1. Improved search results: Just type a few characters and search engines almost always predict the most accurate results. This is possible because millions of people have searched for related texts before and search engines have stored all of them in their databases.
  2. Precise announcement: You may have noticed that most of the ads you see on the internet are directly related to you. If you’re a young girl, you probably won’t see ads for retirement plans, unlike traditional TV ads. Businesses have a wealth of data about who their prospects might be, and they target only the favorable groups.
  3. Recommended products: Amazon and Netflix are using your stored data to send accurate recommendations and offers to the people who like to shop the most. Facebook, YouTube and Quora also use Data Science to bring you the best related content.

How do industries view data science?

The best way to retain more and more customers is to know what exactly they want. With the help of Data Science, industries have now moved to a data-driven approach instead of a knowledge-based approach, and are experiencing unprecedented results. The following are some of the industries that are benefiting from Data Science:

  1. Information technology: As we said, from accurate search results to perfect voice recognition and recommendations, it has become the central player in information technology.
  2. Aviation and Logistics: There are so many factors that control the timing and schedules of flights and with the help of Data Science, aviation companies can easily determine the best time and the best route through which they can fly their flights.
  3. Medical science: The study of genomics and neuroscience requires a large amount of data to be stored and processed, and also requires a large number of laboratories and hospitals to work together and use each other’s studies. It handles all these tasks very well.
  4. banking: You’re helping banks provide better service and detect fraud and nasty economic conditions early.

How can you become a data scientist?

The study of Data requires a deep interest in Statistics, Computer Science and Business. Data scientists need to be flexible when it comes to coming up with solutions to problems.

Online training will guide you through the best data collection tools, such as Hadoop and SQL. You will learn all facets of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and tools like Python, SAS, etc. For data visualization, you’ll get intense practice of Tableau, R, and other important tools.

The instructors leading you on this journey have long experience in the data industry. You will have the opportunity to work on more than 60 projects and a Final Project, which will also guarantee you experience and knowledge. Upon completion of the course, our dedicated placement cell will also help you land your dream job.

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