Everything you need to know about the 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle

If you are a fan of the Indian motorcycle brand, you might be interested to know that the legendary American cruiser motorcycle is back with the 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle. But what does this great motorcycle have to offer that sets it apart from the rest when it comes to Looking to buy a new Indian-branded motorcycle? Here is everything you need to know about cycling in a nutshell.

Brief history of the classic motorcycle

The Indian motorcycle company made the first versions of the Scout between 1920 and 1949, and the 101 Scout was named the best bicycle ever made. Bicycles with lighter frames were introduced in 1932 and this is when the standard version was introduced. Other versions in a row and military versions have been used in World War II. The latest in the long list of motorcycles is the 2015 version, which is classified as a cruiser.

Traditional meets innovation

It offers the same pedigree as any of the brand’s long list of motorcycles that have become a legend. However, it combines tradition with innovation, offering a first liquid-cooled engine. This is due to the 69-cubic-inch V-twin engine that delivers performance that is said to be outstanding in all conditions.

The motorcycle features the latest technology, including counterweight, 6-speed transmission, and electronic fuel injection. However, it is in keeping with the traditional design, offering the high-quality, genuine leather seat of the original motorcycle, this time in tan.

Tradition meets innovation again in the classic rigid triangle seen on the original bikes, but here it has been designed with axles and steering head being the three points of that classic design.

The insignia on the tank replicates that of the original bike dating from the 1920s, as does the headlight.

The flow of the fenders on this latest addition to the range is the same as you would expect from the body of a genuine company motorcycle and they are cheerfully styled.

The motorcycle also provides the rider with protection against the wind, through the windshield that can be removed if necessary. Other special features include storage, backrest, reduced reach, and extended reach accessories.

The 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle has come a long way since 1920 but has not lost quality and great looks on the road and is now in showrooms.

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