Exotic cars: expectations and realities when looking for one

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of exotic cars? Is it a popular sports car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Or maybe you prefer some of the latest powerful and luxury cars, like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, or Ashton Martin V12 Vantage S.

Regardless of how weird you dream of, you should know up front that it takes more than a bulky briefcase of cash (or a check with dozens of zeros) to get your own exotic car of choice. Remember the first time you bought a car. Getting your dream car requires more than just walking into that dealership – you have to negotiate your loan rate (if applicable), discuss terms, request an upgrade, or tweak a few things here and there, and so on. Let’s take a look at the process of buying an exotic car.

A once in a lifetime opportunity

There are plenty of exotic cars to choose from, especially if money isn’t an issue, but it will certainly be easier said than done in deciding which one is “the one.” One of the first things you need to do is set your budget – say, like $ 200,000. Setting a ceiling automatically reduces the stress of choosing from possibly dozens of options to a more manageable list.

Next, since you are looking for an exotic car, you need to define the “exoticism” of a car yourself. Do your research online, list your preferences, and learn the nomenclature associated with luxury or sports cars, including the type of engine they have, etc. That way, you can be upfront with the dealer salesperson by stating the details of the car you want. Remember to tell him your preferred price range as well, and don’t be afraid to round it up to have a wider range of models at the top of the heap.

Keep in mind that dealerships rarely allow potential car buyers to try out a car from scratch. To help you decide which exotic cars to consider, search online and read unbiased reviews or test drive videos of your shortlisted cars.

Keep in mind that rare cars that are reviewed online may not be available in your market, so be sure to list several options and rank them based on your personal criteria.


Show evidence regarding your financial capabilities. Ask the sales staff to inform you of the different maintenance plans, gear options, makes and models that are currently or will be available soon. The more you can interact with the sellers, the more likely you are to get a decent plan for the lowest price.

If you want a car that crosses state lines, don’t be afraid to go cross-country to get it.

When allowed, take the lucky car for a short spin to get a good feel for the vehicle, from its purring engine to how fast it can actually go.

For online tools that can help you locate any exotic car that you think is stylish enough to be a part of your car collection or garage, visit websites such as Cars.com, eBayMotors.com, and AutoTrader.com.

Finally, be sure to check the mileage, condition, options, transmission, and other parts of an exotic car that you think are important before making a final decision.

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