How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Georgia State Court

I would like, for the benefit of those who are sincerely trying, to provide information on how to fight a speeding ticket in the state of Georgia. The world is beset by crime, and sometimes we may need law enforcement to act on our behalf. However, in the event that you are speeding, unless you are endangering your life and the lives of others, it is NOT in our society’s interest to receive a speeding citation. There are some exceptions to this rule; for example, if you are speeding in a residential area where people are walking or crossing a school zone when children try to cross the street. However, if you are on a large interstate at 3am in the morning, with few or no other cars on the road, and are traveling in a 2015 vehicle of your choice, it is easy, comfortable, and safe to travel at 90 mph. Are you committing a heinous crime? Are you endangering your life or someone else’s? I sincerely believe that law enforcement should be used in a suitable area and that this has been exploited at times to take advantage of good US citizens, making an unnecessary tax to feed the greedy bureaucrats of certain places. So to free our citizens from such rampant abuse by those who are in place to “serve and protect” but are really only “taking and hurting”, I want to inform those brave enough to oppose this. injustice for the tools that I have found to be beneficial in my quest to deal with such abusive practices.

I want to give you something back that you have the courage to fight in your case. The preliminaries of my case were over when my eyes were opened to the knowledge that I discovered and it was being reduced to a sinister jury trial. So I finally passed out and paid for it. However, I managed to reduce the speed and the fine in a deal with the prosecution. I also prevented the insurance company from being reported and avoided being classified as a “Super Speeder”. However, in the future I did arm myself with this information so that if it ever happened again, I would be smarter and now my friend, you will be ready too!

The state of Georgia is a very wrong place to get a speeding ticket. Many outsiders know this. There’s something typical about speeding through an old country town with the Rosco Beaco Train eager to catch you, so he can grab some more money to feed the Boss Hog (that’s for all Dukes of Hazzard fans). But comical as it is, the setting is very real and a lot of people don’t laugh. Especially when it hits your bank account and they worry about things like rent, food, clothes, etc. The typical ticket can cost upwards of $ 200. That’s for going 85 mph on 65 mph on an interstate (who’s driving 65 mph, if you do, keep right). A lot of people pay this fine and say “wow!” it’s over. It is? Not necessarily in the state of Georgia.

In addition to added points on your license that can add to a suspension (you don’t get any extra for these points), if your insurance company finds out in a DMV report, they can arbitrarily increase your rate (you are riskier now, are you? Isn’t it? So it definitely doesn’t end after you pay for it, especially if you were going over 20 mph. That’s where this new Super Speeder law comes into effect.

What is the Super Speeder? Are you some kind of super speedy hero who has to fight slow moving villains? No, unless they’re in the fast lane. The only villain you face right now is a new law. After you’ve paid your fine and believe that all is said and done, it may take a few months and then … WHAM! His hit with another $ 200 fine from the DDS (Department of Driver Services). This is very annoying and many outsider blogs complain about it as comically they thought they could pay the fine and dance in any other way. The Super Speeder is deceptive, as it arrives in your wallet in the form of a DDS bill several months later if it is found going above 20 mph. Most courts don’t even tell you when you plead guilty or pay online with your credit card. If you don’t pay the sneaky snake oil fine, well, you don’t want to drive legally. So in effect, your ticket can cost around $ 200 to $ 300 and then several months later, you receive another $ 200 ticket in the mail. Can anyone see Chief Pig just enjoying southern flair, good greasy fried chicken planning his next plan with Roscoe?

Then what do you do? Simple. You have to fight your speeding with a ticket. At least negotiate with the prosecution to lower it below 20 mph. If not, get ready. So let me see if I can remember some tips on speeding tickets in Georgia that can help you in your fight. Here are some rules that might help you.

1. There must be a warning sign from the officer using a radar or laser gun.

That’s right, they can’t use it anywhere. I’m sure you’ve seen them right, “Speed ​​is verified by speed control devices.” Officers also cannot use the device within 500 feet of the sign. If they are, they are raping.

2. The officer cannot use the device over a certain slope or hill.

So this is how I would have fought mine. The officer has to be close to the same level as you. This is to prevent the officer from hiding clandestinely and attacking you, this brings up my third point.

3. The officer must be clearly visible.

That? This was a surprise to many. The goal of speeding control is supposed to be not to “catch” you, but to slow you down in areas that are considered a problem or could cause an accident or be dangerous. Most government agencies know that no one exceeds the speed limit, however, in certain places, traffic engineers found that there had to be a problem. This brings me to the next point.

4. There had to be a problem for the city, county, or entity to get permission to use a radar or laser in that area.

If they did not obtain a permit, then their license to use a device could be questioned. Guest, who is the license? Georgia Department of Public Safety. Information on the areas that encountered a problem can be found through the Freedom of Information Act.

5. The officer must have a POST license to use a radar or laser.

I wish I had known that. This makes the officers necessary presence. Most prosecutions don’t even control and don’t want to. They usually have other things high on their priority list. However, YOU have to question it.

The only exception to some of this is the Georgia State Patrol. They have a little more power and can fine you anywhere and in any way, however luckily with that power they also have a little more discretion and mercy. There are also other rules that apply to different locales. What you need to check is the Georgia Title 40 codes for speeding. This is where all these things are hidden. No one will tell you this, not even the public defender sometimes.

I would also try not to give up my jury duty so that I could at least have some influence in the negotiation with the prosecution. Like I said before, they lowered it and prevented it from going into the Super Speeder state. If he had known the information earlier, it is not known what might have happened. Also try to have these things put in a written motion with the clerk before your hearing date. That way, the judge is prepared for your appearance and can schedule a hearing to prove the evidence. Hope this helps you guys and hey slow down

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