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You may want to consider a few things that can make your new pet a much better companion. When you buy a new Pup, try to see the parents or at least one of them so you have a realistic idea of ​​what size it will end up with.

As puppies they are almost all cute and cuddly when they are very young so keep in mind how big they will end up and then you can make an informed decision as to whether they will be a good addition to your family and environment.

Otherwise, you may be paying quite a bit of money to create a problem for yourself and the pup. Buy the wrong puppy and you’ll end up with something you really don’t know what to do with or how to handle, and more importantly, you’ll end up with an unhappy pet.

Take the time early on and get something that suits you and you can look forward to years of company you’ll cherish.

Get it right and the loyalty and devotion a happy dog ​​will return will make it a decision you’ll be glad you made every time he gives you a wagging tail greeting.

Another thing I consider is the cost of the puppy, if you look around and are happy to take anything you can get a dog for free or from a shelter for $150 or so and you can get a good one or a bad one. clothing. So you have to feed and take care of it like any other dog.

Or if, say, you say you have your heart set on a Cocker Spaniel but it will cost you $600, as a puppy the life expectancy of most dogs that size is about 12 years.

At that rate, you can have a dog you really want that effectively only costs you $50 a year more than one that was free to begin with.

You’re going to feed whatever and take care of what you get, so why not get what you really want?

A free puppy at first that you may be very happy with but would have preferred some other breed has about a dollar a week difference in cost over its lifetime.

My dog ​​cost me $500 and I have never had a four legged companion before or I regret paying the money to get a dog I have wanted for years.

Great satisfaction can be derived from the bond that the right combination will create.

The next most important step after the purchase is at least some basic training.

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