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Depending on where you live, you may not have thought about chartering a private jet. Most of us believe that the cost of a private jet for any trip will be too outrageous for us to afford. Fortunately, the market is changing as companies realize they can fill their planes both ways if they want to sell an empty round trip for affordable private jet cost.

There are some areas in the United States where you need to charter a private plane. Hawaii and Alaska have many private charter companies for inter-island and bush travel. However, it’s not just these states to think about, which makes it more reasonable for private jet charters. A flight from the city where you live to the mountains of the same state can be affordable depending on the company, the weather, the passengers and your needs.

It is more profitable for passengers to book a one-way trip, instead of paying for the plane to stop at the runway and cost them money. It also means that the company that offers the flight has to fly home empty or fill it with a group of passengers. Private jet cost options can be affordable if you are flexible. An emerging situation may not be as affordable, but booking a trip where you’re not set on a specific date is much more affordable. In this way, the company can work your flight with your return or destination needs.

The more passengers you have, the larger the plane will be, which can increase the cost per hour. Most private jet charter companies base the cost of their private airlines on a per hour basis. A small private charter could cost $600 per hour or more than $1,000 per hour.

There is more than just savings with the cost of private charter flights that can make chartering more attractive than commercial flights. You can save time, security is not as intensive, and you have more control over your flight. There is security at small airports, but with fewer travelers you don’t have the long lines of commercial planes, saving you time and money.

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