Sometimes God Has Good Things Planned For You – When You Think You’re Abandoned

I was at the boy scouts last night and heard a very interesting story. One father told me that he moved to El Paso several months ago due to financial difficulties while he was in Arizona. She lost her job, her house, and all means to care for herself and her children. She moved back in with her mother. She doesn’t enjoy the condition, especially when her mother tries to dictate how to raise her child. The conflict between her and her mother made things difficult for her and her children. On the surface, she appears to be down on her luck or all good things have left her.

Seemingly unrelated events were happening at the same time. Her son has been having some health problems. When she took him to the doctors where he previously lived, the doctors found nothing serious about him. Health problems persisted. She then was forced to move to El Paso. In the nursery, the boy fell again. She took him to the emergency room and they discovered a stain on his spine near the base of his neck. She took him to her regular doctor and found out it was cancer. The doctor told him to see a specialist immediately, not to wait for a referral. The doctor did not believe that the child would survive. Turns out she got her son to show up just in time. Today her son is free of cancer, to the surprise of the doctors. There were four variables that were fulfilled that saved his life.

  • If he hadn’t lost his house and his job, he would have lost his son.
  • If she couldn’t find a place to live in El Paso, she would have lost her son.
  • If she moved later than she did, she would have lost her son.
  • If her son hadn’t fallen that day at day care, she would have lost her son.

The execution and timing of these events cannot be coincidental. God clearly has plans for this young man. Unknown to her during her time of misery, God was saving her son’s life. God really does work in ways that we don’t always see.

Any time we are down or have lost someone we love or think we are abandoned, remember that we do not know His plan. We must all have faith and everything will work out in the end. Remember, our souls are immortal.

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