The benefits of using scented candles

At one time, scented candles were a rare luxury enjoyed only by the wealthy, while the rest of us settled for ordinary white candles during power outages and at Christmas. However, all that has changed, and a myriad of fragrances fill our homes and relax us. Candles are just one of these wonderful smelling sources, but they’re also a very popular source, partly because of the number of different shapes they’re available in, but also because they look great with their flame burning.

Scented candles can float or burn forever in the form of large church-style candles. Votive candles hang in clusters from metal trees and sit in gardens on warm summer nights. You can get them in jasmine, ginger, and juniper and just about every floral scent you can think of. They also come in every color you can think of and in almost every price range.

So what are the benefits of using scented candles? Sure, they give off light during power outages, which is why our grandmothers used to keep them in the closet under the stairs, but what makes them different is their color and especially their smell. People choose scents to remind them of holidays in Somerset with the smell of ripe apples in the orchards, ginger and cinnamon from their mother’s cakes, or simply to have the smell of fresh spring flowers in their home all day long. year.

These scents come from a combination of natural plant extracts, such as genuine vanilla, sandalwood, or rose petal, and the type of synthetic odorants that are also found in perfumes, shampoos, and soaps. Substances such as amber and many oils are also used and all are safe to use and burn. Commercially available candles have undergone strict health and safety testing to ensure that the products of combustion are safe and also that they can burn without becoming a fire hazard.

However, it is possible that some people may be allergic to some of these, just as they are allergic to other common household odors and dusts, and it is advisable to light candles in well-ventilated areas. People allergic to candle smoke can use reed diffusers, which are also available on our website. Candle makers choose from approved lists of scents and essential oils that are safe to burn and give off safe, pleasant scents when incorporated into candles.

What was once an expensive indulgence is now an affordable product and is used by everyone to enhance the sensual aspects of their home. Some even match candles to the theme of their rooms, although this is still more common in the US than the UK. Although many still resist using them, perhaps due to the long-standing belief that candles weren’t for the common people, they can allow you to enjoy a lovely scent throughout your home all day, every day, or perhaps just on occasion. specials.

They also have a handy application if you have a cat or dog as you can also use them to mask pet odors which can sometimes be very difficult to dissipate without using equally unpleasant smelling room deodorizers. Plus, of course, they come in handy during power outages, more of which have been predicted as fossil fuels dwindle!

Many people prefer a candle to a normal perfume diffuser to freshen up their home due to its appearance and a much wider variety of perfumes, and although you can also purchase aromatherapy candles, many people like to use our fragrance stick diffusers which can be used with aromatic fragrances. essential oils or aromatherapy oils.

There are few things better coming back from a hard day’s work than enjoying a relaxing drink alongside a floating candle that offers the wonderful scent of sandalwood or lavender. So choose candles from the wide range of perfumes available online and decide if you want them in the traditional design, sitting in a candle holder, floating on water, hanging from a metal stand or any of the many other candle designs available. . from our online store.

An online store is the best way to buy candles because you have a wide variety to choose from, and it’s very easy to choose, pay and then have them delivered to your door. Most online candle outlets will be able to help you with the most appropriate scent for your needs, and many also have other interesting candle facts you can read about.

Scented candles are popular all over the world, and if you haven’t used them before, you may be pleasantly surprised when you try them. There are a wide variety of perfumes or scents available online, and if you try the ones that appeal to you the most, it won’t be long before you’ll enjoy the benefits of using scented candles and the way they keep your home smelling fresh.

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