The Flex Shaper Workout – Hot Or Not?

As a personal trainer, clients always ask me what is the best way to tone their shoulders, arms, back, and chest so they can get fit muscle definition, tighten sagging skin around their upper arms, and have beautiful shoulders. to show off. strappy tops.

So far I have always talked about exercises with dumbbells and resistance bands, I have shown them how to use their body weight for exercise or I have taught them how to use resistance machines in the gym. But now I have found something new that will tone the entire upper body and also the legs, it is completely portable and lightweight and costs a lot less than a gym membership. It’s called the Flex Shaper and I like it so I’m doing some Flex Shaper reviews. It’s portable, smart, delivers great results, and is easy to use, as well as being good value for money. That meets all my requirements!

Having a piece of exercise equipment at home like the Flex Shaper works like a bargain, as you can tone several important muscle groups with it. Bend it over your head for shapely shoulders; pull it towards you to get a beautiful back; hold it under your arm to tone those biceps and push it down to trim those shaky triceps. What’s more, the Flex Shaper can also trim the lower body; squeeze the Flex Shaper between your knees to work your inner thighs and produce sleek, shapely legs.

The only selling point of this new beast is the coil spring bit in the center that provides strength in both directions. When you squeeze the handles towards each other (the concentric phase of the exercise), this requires your muscles to tense and shorten, causing those muscles to work and tone. But with Flex Shaper your muscles also have to control the return phase of the exercise, unlike conventional exercise tools. This is the eccentric part of the exercise – your muscles are lengthening, but they still have to work.

At this point, if you were exercising with dumbbells or a resistance band, you’d have to keep repeating the exercise for the best effect, but the Flex Shaper has made your muscles work twice as hard with a single rep, so you’re doubling your results. This means shorter workouts, which pleases me and my clients without end! And doing this type of training gives good results in less time, produces long, lean and well-built muscles without bulking and burns a lot of calories at the same time.

It is quite difficult to tone your upper back, upper shoulder and front upper arm muscles without equipment, so if you had to pick one piece, you would probably go for this new Flex Shaper, small enough to hide it. Away from anywhere in your home, light enough to carry in your case whenever you go anywhere, and versatile enough to tone your entire upper body and thighs too. And did I mention that it costs less than a month of gym membership? Sounds good to me!

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