The Perfect Combination of Art and Luxury

Imagine that you are about to visit the city of Agra or you wanted to. You don’t even have the unique information about luxury hotels in Agra. And suddenly you go through this post and you get the amazing experience of Agra city and some memories that are full of the essence of luxury. It does’nt sound good?

Without a doubt, Agra is the most sought after city in the field of tourism. Being home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this city has its own aura. Its richness in art, lifestyle and history made it a city worth visiting.

Brief compendium on the history of Agra

It is said that the golden age of this city began with the Mughals, under their rule this city served as the capital of India. Before the Mughal era, Agra was founded by Sultan Sikandar Lodi in 1504. Many generations of the Mughal Empire made this city their capital and ruled the region.

They have built many beautiful monuments that are inscribed with many gems and precious stones. The inlaid artwork is very well done on the walls of those monuments. Later, it passes into the hands of the British Raj.

What you will get from Agra

As this city is rich in monuments and delicious dishes, it intentionally became a prey for travelers, who came out of their lair just to hunt down some amazing places. Every year, thousands of people visit this city and live an incredible experience that changes their lives.

Places like the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort are powerful enough to weigh down a tower. Taj Mahal, the very good example of love and art. It simply indicates that love and art are on the same page. They are both very alike and want to be in a place just with each other.

A few words about this monument “It was a Sunday morning and 6 o’clock was the time on the clock. I was queuing to enter through the main entrance. When I entered and passed the entrance gate to the Taj Mahal, I discovered what an incredible work, of I was standing quietly on the bank of the Yamuna river. The moment was filled with a magical aroma and the scenery was so good that I couldn’t believe my eyes. That moment made me fall in love with art and the people who made such art.”

Also, the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort are the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Agra. Agra Fort came to this, due to the ornate gates and masterpiece of art. People can have a vision of the history of that time and can easily assume the time of that period.

Needs of this city

Find good accommodation by searching cheap hotels in Agra, a good way to travel and a guide or a person who can tell you briefly about this city. Because this city has many queues that are engraved in its heart. Only a person who has to be very close can only tell you.

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