The pros and cons of the Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite seems to be on our screens quite a bit lately with advertisement after advertisement and although it’s raining here in Wales, UK, it’s actually summer. And in summer people are more willing to go out with their Nintendo DS Lite. But is it for everyone? What are its pros and cons?

If you own a DS Lite you probably know all of its features and specs and what you think is good and bad, but for others who are thinking of buying one, you’ll want to know the pros and cons beforehand.

The DS Lite’s unique design is very appealing to the general public and is a good start along with its two screens, one of which is touchscreen. The DS uses cartridges with a storage capacity of up to 1GB, allowing plenty of storage for great games. The battery power is excellent and will last you up to ten hours. The price of the DS Lite at the time of writing is around £90-£99 and most people agree that it’s not a bad price.

Now for the cons. Some people may find the PSP console better in design than the DS Lite, but that’s an opinion of course. The cartridges used in the DS Lite are more expensive than discs used elsewhere and don’t have the quality of graphics.

While the graphics aren’t the best quality and the cartridges are a bit pricey, the DS Lite itself is cheap, has excellent battery life and great games.

Most gamers prefer the Nintendo DS Lite to the PSP console because, as you can see, the advantages of the DS Lite far outweigh its disadvantages.

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