The seven-second race: how to get attention with your ad

You’ve decided to launch your ad campaign, but you have no idea what would inspire others to buy from you. Or maybe you have already posted a few ads to no avail. How do you make your ad stand out? After all, consumers receive thousands of marketing messages every day. What makes what you offer so special?

In today’s highly competitive marketing environment, your ad is likely to get overlooked. Meanwhile, another businessman is earning money and developing a very effective advertising campaign. People who are successful in this area have spent considerable time reviewing their ads. And with enough effort, any business owner can achieve similar success.

In general, most ads will start with a headline. And it is with this group of words that you must immediately catch your reader. Marketing experts say that you should capture the interest of your potential consumer in seven seconds. seven seconds. That’s all! It is best to start with power words that have already been proven to work. Why reinvent the wheel? Below are ten of the most powerful words in the English language, according to Yale University:

  1. Discover
  2. Easy
  3. Guarantee
  4. Health
  5. New
  6. proven
  7. Results
  8. Security
  9. Save
  10. You

Now, carefully review these words and practice writing catchy, attention-grabbing headlines. These ten examples will help you get started writing dynamic ads that grab attention. As you go along, build your vocabulary of “power words” by checking out other ads. Use your power words not only in the title, but also in the body of your ad or in the “copy”.

Your ad headline is not intended to tell your full story, but is intended to make your visitor look long enough for them to read the rest of your offer and hopefully inspire them to take some sort of action, as whether by calling you, visiting your site or placing an order.

Once you’ve written ten to twenty sentences, choose a pair that will have the most impact. Ask friends, family, and colleagues to read each one and choose their favorites. Asking for details will help you narrow down your list. You can dig deeper and ask them what made them choose certain ads. This will help you improve your ads and write new ones.

Now you are ready to write your ad. For maximum effect, continue to use power words throughout the ad, not just the headline. Be sure to include a “call to action” in the body of your ad. This could include phrases like “call today!” , “visit our site”, and many others. Use variations to test which ones have the best effect. By applying these simple steps to your ad campaign, you’ll quickly notice a noticeable difference in your campaign results.

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