World of Warcraft: Runic Cloth Farming in the Western Plaguelands

In Azeroth, unlike the Outlands, cultivating Runecloth can be a tedious task. There are few groups of mobs that fit my description of a good “pack” that can be found anywhere.

Nonetheless, Grunman traveled from his home, occupying the Scryer’s Inn in Shattrath, to the bleak corners of the Western Plaguelands to offer you, my loyal (and not numerous enough) readers, a glimpse of what it’s like to farm. Runecloth in Azeroth and not in the bountiful lands beyond the Dark Portal.

I traveled north to Hearthglen, where the Scarlet Crusade has offices, and ravaged the place for a good hour. Despite being woefully ill-equipped, Grunman had no trouble with most of the mobs he encountered on the way to Hearthgen and in the city proper.

The whole place is littered with scarlet peeps. Scarlet Avengers, Paladins, Spellbinders, Magus, Workers, you name it, they’re there.

The only problem is, they didn’t drop much Runecloth. Maybe one in three dropped something, and hardly ever from the workers, so don’t bother killing them.

In over an hour including travel time, I gathered 91 Runecloths, 4g 69s 89c of gray trash from vendors, and collected 10g 35s 17c of cash loot from slain mobs.

“That sucks!” I can hear you from here. And you are right, of course. But here is the trick:

I have 5 green drops. That’s not huge, I grant you, but those are all high-end items prior to Burning Crusade, which means that despite being worth peanuts at the Auction House, they are disenchanted in very valuable reagents, such as Illusion Dust and Eternal Essences. superiors.

Although I have not sold them yet, I imagine (and I know what I am talking about) that I have between 60 and 70 g.

So adding it all up, we have a cash potential of 75g to 85g in an hour and a bit of play, plus 91 Runecloth.

That’s not so bad in terms of making money, and scarlet peeps have a chance for some weird drops, so you might be in luck, who knows.

But for the pure cultivation of Runecloth, I suggest you stick with the Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula. You’ll get a lot more in less time, a timed race is coming up for that.

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