The use and symbolism of candles in Buddhism

“Thousands of candles can be lit with a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness is never diminished by being shared.” the buddha Candles are an age-old traditional part of Buddhist rituals. Along with incense and flowers, they are placed in front of Buddhist shrines or Buddha statues and […]

Work the law of large numbers but remember that it only takes one to be successful!

The Law of Large Numbers is a fundamental success secret insofar as it says: (1) Do enough of anything and you will succeed; (2) Do more and you will prosper, and exceed even that amount and (3) You will become a legend. We have seen how this operates in all areas of life. As with […]

What to Eat to Improve a Fatty Liver: Eat This, Don’t Eat That, What Every FLD Patient Should Know

If you are wondering what to eat to improve fatty liver, please take a few minutes to read to the end of this article. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about fatty liver disease (FLD) and what foods you should and shouldn’t eat to reduce the fat in your liver. A fatty liver simply […]

What happened in the UK in 1996?

Breakdown of 1996 into the biggest news, sports and entertainment events; This is what happened… Two tragedies struck the hearts of Britons in 1996, the nation’s sympathies turned to the people of Dunblane and Manchester. In Dunblane, a crazed gunman shot up a local nursery school, killing an entire class and their teacher. Later in […]

Do you need a secure website based on CMS? Look no further than the expression engine

If you are looking to develop a website for your organization, choose Expression Engine (EE), a CMS that offers one of the strictest security measures for website content and users. It provides various built-in frameworks and support for third-party security features such as Captcha checks (a plugin that determines whether or not a comment is […]

Host a unique and memorable jewelry party

Jewelry parties can be an absolute blast, and successful ones are very rewarding. Having a successful party and getting referrals builds self-confidence and really reassures the artist that he is doing a wonderful job of making jewelry and building trust with customers. So how do you host a party that is both memorable and successful? […]

Lights, Camera, Action – Your Personal Movie Set – The Dining Room

Everyone loves movies, and whether we agree or not, we all have an aspiring director planted deep in our minds. Look at how quickly this advanced technology has caught us up in its vices, and how each of us has at least some form of camera equipment in our homes, mostly in the form of […]

Facebook for Business: Let’s start with the basics

It’s officially spring, and last month we talked about spring cleaning your business; part of which is refreshing your marketing campaigns. There is no doubt that Facebook continues to dominate digital marketing for both online and physical businesses. But are you using Facebook as strategically as you could? This month we are going to focus […]

Anniversary Gifts – Sixteenth Anniversary

Starting with your sixteenth anniversary, anniversary gifts start to get a little harder to come by because things change drastically with this anniversary. We’re going to explain what the change is, why it changed, and what your options are for a 16th anniversary gift. Your first fifteen years are over and you are now in […]