Why DeFi Will Be the Future?

DeFi Will Be the Future Several years ago, Ethereum developers discovered they could use the blockchain to create new and exciting financial products. They embraced this technology and started building applications that allowed users to perform all kinds of banking-like functions in a decentralized fashion. This type of system is called Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi,” […]

What is a Decentralised Crypto Exchange?

Decentralised Crypto Exchange A decentralised exchange is an online exchange where traders are not governed by a central authority. Instead, they trade with other users on a peer-to-peer basis. In other words, the decentralised system uses smart contracts to facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrencies without involving a central entity. The decentralised system can be more […]

8 Major Players in the Emerging Metaverse

Emerging Metaverse Facebook is one of the leading companies that are heavily invested in the metaverse. The social network has applied for several metaverse-related trademarks, signaling that it intends to enter this technology race. The company’s two most prominent trademarks are Ali Metaverse and Taobao. Sony has also announced its intention to develop a metaverse-based […]