Parquet flooring – Is it for you?

When thinking about remodeling, today’s families are looking for smarter, less expensive ways to beautify their living spaces. When it comes to flooring, the options are endless and can be one of the most expensive and daunting decisions in remodeling. While there are many options to choose from, such as carpet, tile, and even concrete, […]

Make your kitchen look stylish with glass backsplashes

In the past, whenever people used to talk about kitchen backsplashes, only one image would come to mind, namely tiles. They were widely used to give a simple and clean look to kitchens. But now, things have completely changed! People want a well-designed modern kitchen. Here, glass flashbacks entered the scene. Today, glass flashbacks are […]

Frameless Shower Openings – Modern To Be Square (And Plumb And Level)

When building the opening for your frameless shower enclosure, one of the most important things you can do is make sure all walls are plumb, level, and square. Heavy glass custom frameless showers are not very forgiving of a poorly constructed opening. There are a number of considerations regarding the “squareness” of the opening and […]

Need help creating a cleaning checklist for AirBnb and vacation rentals?

Whether you’re renting out your home through Airbnb or planning a family gathering at your vacation property, a housekeeping plan is key. Before you pack a suitcase or post a list, your residence needs to be clean, organized, and ready to enjoy. The following is a checklist of must-have cleaning solutions. Cleaning checklist for your […]

Major Key Factors for Residential Construction

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN SERVICES Design-build is a way for Vedant Infra Construction Services to accomplish a mission where design and build services are downsized together. From the concept of the project to the final touch of the mission. This exercise is used to reduce the manufacturing schedule by overlapping the design section and the build section […]