The importance of investing in sales training in the service industry

Investing in sales training is essential if you want to enjoy success as a business. In the United States, billions are spent annually on sales training. There is a widespread belief that anyone can sell, therefore there is little or no investment in sales training in some organizations. A paradigm shift and attitude change is […]

The importance of nutrition and exercise for a healthy body

Health results when everything in the body works well. The body is an incredibly complex system, and like any system, it requires information to continue to function at an optimal level. The two most important inputs are nutrition and exercise. Nutrition reflects the supply of materials needed by our system. What you eat goes into […]

A prophecy from a seer that helped guide me on the spiritual path

I think we are all psychics to some degree and most people have a memory or two or more, whether they have shared them with someone else or not. For example, we think of someone and the phone rings. In fact, a few minutes ago I was thinking about my friend Arielle in Indianapolis, IN. […]

Parquet flooring – Is it for you?

When thinking about remodeling, today’s families are looking for smarter, less expensive ways to beautify their living spaces. When it comes to flooring, the options are endless and can be one of the most expensive and daunting decisions in remodeling. While there are many options to choose from, such as carpet, tile, and even concrete, […]

Church Marketing – Facebook and Your Church – Is That a Good Thing?

If you’re like most people on this Earth and have a limited amount of computer skills, you probably have a Facebook profile. Facebook (FB) provides a great way to keep up with current friends, reconnect with old ones, and make new friends, all at the touch of a mouse. Setup is minimal and you’re literally […]