Church Marketing – Facebook and Your Church – Is That a Good Thing?

If you’re like most people on this Earth and have a limited amount of computer skills, you probably have a Facebook profile. Facebook (FB) provides a great way to keep up with current friends, reconnect with old ones, and make new friends, all at the touch of a mouse. Setup is minimal and you’re literally […]

Implementing an evangelism strategy for your church

EVANGELIZATION STRATEGY THE MANDATE Although few churches fully integrate this verse into their doctrine, the text clearly commands us to evangelize all ‘ethnic’ groups, not just the group we feel comfortable with. Jesus putting the woman at the well (John 4:7) was an indication of his intent to reach all nations. (Matthew 28:18-20) “Go therefore […]

Effective Ways to Gain More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has gained great popularity in recent years. It is popular with people of all kinds of demographics and from all walks of life. In the case of Instagram, the number of followers you acquire is the most important thing. Number of followers equals Instagram success It is important to note here that there is […]

How YOUR nonprofit can master visual storytelling

According to ISPO News, we make approximately 10,000 decisions a day and “products that evoke emotions always win.” Humans base 90 percent of their decisions on emotion, which, when you think about it, is a staggering statistic. Nonprofits have a clear advantage over for-profit businesses by offering their donors much of what they need for […]

SEO: How To Improve Your Ranking In Google Search Engine Results

Google is in the lead among all search engines, which is used by a large volume of internet users to search for relevant websites that are returned by Google for a particular keyword or key phrase being used. So if you really have to make your website very popular, attract a high volume of potential […]

How can a company use content marketing?

Most of the time, the goal of content is to spread brand awareness. However, when it comes to real-time marketing, the purpose of content is to engage customers through continuous dialogue. Nowadays, this can be done quite easily with the advent of online communication, with social media being one of the main real-time focused technologies […]

3 Ways to Make Boring E-Learning Content Fun

Let’s say you have a boring and important goal, content. It’s dry and not inherently interesting…and there’s a lot of it. You try to do something fun, but it immediately dissolves into death-by-PowerPoint nonsense. What is your job? First, I would shake those assumptions. There is no such thing as boring content, because ‘boring’ is […]