How to Use Marketing Channels to Drive Book Sales

Introduction Understanding how online and offline marketing channels can work together is essential to the financial success of your book. These channels, if used together consistently, can help you as the author achieve sustainable competitive advantage. It will also help your book generate a steady stream of income. Here is a brief discussion and explanation […]

Ethical hacking salary: enough dollars to tempt you from the dark side?

Those who run an online business, or work with computers in some other role, run the risk of being attacked by unscrupulous hackers. But what if you could step in and stop them? An ethical hacking salary should be rewarding enough, and the demand has never been higher. The fact is, there are a significant […]

Using social media to increase blog traffic for free

If you are looking for free ways to increase blog traffic and how to use social media to increase traffic, you must read this. As social media is increasingly populated with users around the world, many marketers and companies (such as McDonald’s) are using Facebook to maximize their potential. By using social media to increase […]

Affiliate Marketing Definition – Online

Affiliate marketing, according to Wikipedia, is performance-based in which a business rewards the efforts of one or more sellers or commissioned affiliates (as they are commonly called) by selling the merchant’s products or services. That said, the system requires four key players: the merchant or retailer, the network (which contains the offers, products, affiliate links, […]

The 10 best anonymous heroes in human history

Whether it’s saving lives or promoting human rights, the world has no shortage of heroes, people who have performed amazing feats to change the way we live our lives today, proving that humanity can transcend itself. Unfortunately, not all heroes are treated equally and many of them are unknown. Let’s review the ten most important […]

Search engine optimization: the key to a successful business

For people who know what they are doing, SEO work is critical. Your site will see more traffic if it is ranked higher in search engines. These tips will help you optimize your site for higher rankings. Start by learning about SEO. Sites are not ranked by people, but by programs designed to see how […]

Audience Study for Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard

The audience that would fit each finger of the metaphorical glove in this book is the audience that enjoys reading a sentence or paragraph, and then reading it over and over again, first for clarity, then for understanding, and again and again and again for the many facets of symbolic representation that Dillard paints with […]