Recognize Marketing Hoax (Fraud?) Before Becoming a Victim

Lately, I have been listening to a certain radio advertisement bombarding the New York subway news station that I enjoy listening to. The reason I like this station is simple: It’s smart, it’s interesting, and it conveys John Sterling / Susan Waldman Yankee commentary during the season’s games. However, this particular radio ad strikes me […]

Learn the "Washing machine" – Gently roll your dance partner to avoid shaking cycle

The “washing machine” described below is a simplified version of the signature dance move of professional dancers Matt and Crystal Auclair. Over the years, Matt and his wife have incorporated this rotating East Coast swing motion into many of the dance routines they perform for competitions and demonstrations across the country. The dancer starts the […]

Connecting Feng Shui, BaZi Astrology and Face Reading

My first exposure to the field of Chinese metaphysics occurred many years ago when I was in Hong Kong. I turned on the television and came across a talk show, which featured a well-known Feng Shui master from Hong Kong. The gentleman had been invited to the talk show to demonstrate his face reading skills. […]

White sun: the eight virtues

The number eight is very important to the Chinese and the eight virtues explain why when a person follows the eight virtues, he will be very lucky or lucky. The pronunciations of “eight” and “prosperity” in Chinese are almost the same and, traditionally, for spiritual Chinese people, they are connected with The Eight Virtues. Coincidentally, […]