Renault’s invincible Indian, ‘Duster’

No one in India would have thought that after having such a disastrous experience with Logan, Renault could establish itself in our Indian car market. Renault changed its strategy and did a lot of research before re-entering our market knowing that it could be its last chance to succeed. This time things worked and worked […]

Mercedes Benz internal code revealed

Mercedes-Benz has a rather complicated lineup of internal codes, with a bewildering combination of letters and numbers to symbolize each vehicle. It started out as a simple combination of letters and numbers, but the introduction of newer models created a new list of internal code lineups. The combination of letters and numbers used to correspond […]

Decah Lambo Doors

Describe the pinnacle of automobiles. Is the Mount Olympus of cars a Formula One racing kart with a 900 horsepower engine made by Honda? Or do you want to downgrade and describe a $ 600,000 Lamborghini machine as the answer? What element or modification can you add to your vehicle to propel it closer to […]

Car Buying Tips: Why Does Buying a Discontinued Model Make Sense?

Often when planning a car purchase, the correct model and make of the car become the key deciding factor. Research is often outdated as some car models are being discontinued. When a car manufacturer stops producing a model due to various reasons, it is called a discontinued car model. However, the benefits of buying a […]

Price Lists for Courier Services: How to Develop a Price List Your Bank Account Can Live With

Developing a price list for your courier company is more than essential, it should be ready before your business cards. So when you first enter the market as a new business, what is the plan? How much can I charge and still get the business? Is it enough to make a profit and can I […]

Frequently asked questions about the Nissan Navara

What differentiates the new Navara from other models? The 2017 Nissan NP300 Navara is Nissan’s last Navara since 2004 and it was worth the wait. The new Navara is available with four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive and features a great balance between strength and low fuel consumption, while having a more comfortable cabin. What features […]

A Simplified Guide to Buying Used Garbage Trucks for Your Business

If your business deals with waste collection, you must invest in a particular type of heavy vehicle known as garbage trucks or garbage trucks. Also known as garbage trucks, buying these vehicles can be confusing due to the wide range of options in designs, makes and features. One of the other considerations is related to […]

Buying an SUV? Top things to look for in your new sport utility vehicle

Looking for a new sport utility vehicle (or at least new to you), but completely overwhelmed by the many options available? You’re not alone; Struggling to identify the right SUV can be a common problem for potential buyers. With so many options available on the market, finding the right one that meets your specific needs […]