Aston Martin increases its social presence with an online video campaign

Aston Martin is the latest luxury automaker to produce an online video campaign; Aston’s foray into film-making promotes its new Rapide, an exclusive four-door sports car. The series of short films follows a group of ‘time carriers’ as they embark on an adventure to bring ‘time’ to a mysterious figure. According to the luxury brand, […]

Motorcycles offer a fuel efficient alternative

At a time when many people around the world are reeling from financial difficulties, travelers are looking for ways to save some money on the cost of fuel. Motorcycles offer a new alternative to standard cars and trucks and have recently started to gain popularity, particularly among young working men. According to statistics from the […]

The deadly secret that lurks in the first Toyota motorhomes

To most people, a Toyota motorhome built in the 1980s looks like a cute and charming RV. And for the most part this is exactly what they are. But there was a fatal flaw built into these motorhomes from the early 1980s that caused hundreds of people distress and disaster. As the size of the […]

Interview with Gareth Jones (Gaz-Top) on retro games and television

Gareth Jones Interview: Question 1 – You have worked on many television, radio and internet shows, both in front of and behind the camera. How does running GamePad rank in your career? Pivotal, Violet was instrumental in encouraging me to direct the entire series, which was the first time I had the job at the […]

Swarovski, celebrities and their Crystal jewelry

How does Swarovski create the best crystal for jewelry and which celebrities wear them? Swarovski crystal is considered by many to be the finest in the world; It contains 32% lead, which makes it optically very pure. They are dazzlingly beautiful and contain fascinating prisms that glow in various ways when specially coated. Daniel Swarovski […]