How to introduce your kids to ATVs

More and more children under the age of 12 are discovering the fun and excitement of riding a quad bike. If mom, dad, or both are crossing sand dunes or rough terrain, the kids will be deeply in love with the activity and can’t wait to be old enough to ride an ATV. As a parent, you are also excited for the day when your children are old and mature enough to ride the quad. However, if that day is almost in sight, learn how to introduce your kids to ATVs here.

Get the right size

First of all, you need to think about the size of your child. If you are an avid rider, you know very well that bigger quads are heavier, faster and more difficult to maneuver. Therefore, small and thin children will have a lot of trouble driving the larger ATVs for young people.

Practice using safety equipment

Seeing the vehicle, your kids would be so excited that they could jump into the vehicle without any equipment. Don’t let them ride into the sunset just yet. Teach them the importance of wearing safety gear. Before starting the engine, make sure your children wear a helmet, bulletproof vest, gloves, pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. There are never enough precautions when it comes to your children.

Get an early start with electric quads

If you are really passionate about riding outdoors and want your kids to get started as soon as possible, there are electric quads available on the market to help your kids build confidence. These battery powered quads are super lightweight and incredibly slow. The idea is not to give your children the adrenaline ride that you enjoy as an adult. By playing with a slow and safe toy, children will acquire essential skills for riding larger quads, such as steering and braking.

Gain experience with youth quads

If your little ones have experience riding a quad, they are ready to handle a 50cc gasoline powered ATV. This ultralight youth quad is small and has little to no suspension. More importantly, the vehicle is equipped with a governor to control the maximum speed of the quad. Taking small steps is important to avoid accidents. After a few weeks of driving and you can see the development of your children, you have the option to increase the maximum speed.

As an added precaution, strap-attached safety kill switches are available for small quads. An adult can hold the strap while walking behind the vehicle, and in the event of something unexpected happening, a quick tug will shut off the quad motor.

Prepare them for larger off-road vehicles

Once your kids have demonstrated enough skill and awareness, the next step is to move on to a 70cc quad. The recommended age for an ATV of this size is 13 years old, and the recommendation does not change until your children turn 16.

At this level, age and skill are very important because these vehicles are heavier and faster, which means they are dangerous for those without any skills. Again, make sure your children always wear safety gear before going for a walk. Finally, if you are going as a family or in a group, don’t make the mistake of going too fast. Children will try to catch up, and when they do, they could make mistakes that could lead to accidents.

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