How To Sell Your Home Quickly With Rent To Own!

If you need to sell your home and need to sell it quickly, you may consider selling with rent to own. There are many people who want to own a home but do not currently qualify for a mortgage. If you are having a hard time selling, you can take advantage of this wonderful group of people ready to move in. It is as fast and easy as ABC. (Advertising, Barter, Contract) You sell your own home and the tenant buyer becomes a happy and fast homeowner. Best of all, you can get on with your life!

A. Advertise to sell your home quickly. Place an ad on a free website, such as Craigslist, in a daily or weekly newspaper, or on local bulletin boards. Describe your home, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, additional features, why you bought it, general location, and any special features. Advertising tip: start with Rent to Own, a safe place to get noticed. Also, add a photo, it is worth a thousand words. Include your contact information, phone number, or email address.

B. Barter. You need to sell your home quickly. Therefore, be flexible with the tenant / future owner. The buyer tenant is looking at his house to see if it meets his needs and if he would like to invest in it. You are researching the tenant to see if they want to sell their house to them in super quick, easy and enjoyable terms. If you are confident that the tenant will be able to delay their part of the lease, start the bartering process. To sell your home quickly, you need your home payment to be made every month and you may want a little more for any unforeseen events that arise. A deposit is normal to show good intentions and to cover damages if the deal doesn’t work out. This can be anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand. The tenant may need some time to pay the deposit in full, if it is a large amount. Be flexible, the goal is to sell your home quickly.

C. Contract. Once you sell your home, you must document the agreement. You may want to pay an attorney to write the contract or do it yourself. Many office supply stores have forms that cover the basics and the blanks that can be filled in. There are many forms available online. Fill in the blanks and sign and date the agreement. Collect the money. Congratulations. He sold his house quickly with rent to own!

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