Learn to stop a puppy from whining at night

Keep in mind that if you’ve just had a new puppy and he won’t stop crying unless you pick him up, don’t make it a habit. When you do this, you are reassuring your dog that every time he is unhappy, you will give in to what he wants to make him feel better. You may not see the problem with this until it becomes a habit and soon your dog will behave in another way that is not acceptable but has only been reinforced since he was a puppy. You don’t want your dog to think that crying to get what he wants is acceptable behavior.

With that said, remember that your pup is a very young animal. Never scold or yell at your puppy when he is sad. The last thing you want to breed is an aggressive or insecure dog. It will take a lot of time and practice to create a schedule that your pup gets used to.

Once you have a schedule, you will feel less anxious. He is new in his environment and with strangers. He will cry for a long time until he feels more secure. Along with proper training, it can help to dissipate his whining for peace of mind and your new pup too!

The best way to help your dog feel safe is crate training. Dogs have natural burrowing instincts and will feel safe and secure if you have a special confined space just for him. This is great if you are not at home because he will be very anxious to be alone. Don’t forget to get a suitable dog crate that will fit your dog as an adult.

Make sure he has a comfortable dog bed in his crate, as well as some chew toys. Make their cage as comfortable as possible. Do not put water or food in their cage. It is not a mini apartment for your dog, but a place to feel safe and comfortable. Make sure to feed your dog in the morning and create a feeding schedule for him.

At night when he is sleeping, cover his cage with a blanket. By covering his box with a blanket, he won’t see you or anyone else until Hit morning. This will help prevent her from whining to get attention.

Before going to bed, take your puppy for a long walk and make sure he goes to the bathroom as often as he needs to. Play with your puppy and do your best to tire him out. This will help you sleep through the night. Like children, a puppy cannot hold his bladder for long and the more tired he is, the longer he will sleep.

At night, your dog will most likely whine and cry. If this happens, put your box in a different room where you cannot hear it. I know it will be very heartbreaking and you will be very tempted to let it out, but refrain from doing this. You have to stick to the plan if you ever want this to work. Also, avoid any scolding, punishment, or negative attention while in the cage. The last thing you want is for your puppy to associate bad experiences while in his crate.

You are going to have to take your puppy outside at LEAST a couple of times during the night. A puppy can only hold his bladder for the number of months he is plus one in hours. For example, if you have a 4-month wait, you can only hold your bladder for 5 hours. If she is 2 months old, she can only hold her bladder for 3 hours.

Get up earlier than usual to take your puppy out. Once your dog learns that in the morning, he will not be forgotten and he will feel more confident that you will not abandon him. This will be tedious, but that’s what owning a puppy is all about.

No matter how much your puppy whines during the night, do not go to him, it may seem cruel but you will only reinforce that each time he cries, you will come at his beck and call. Remember, a puppy is different from a baby, your dog will need to learn to cope only when he is feeling anxious. You will only make it that much harder for them in the long run if you don’t allow them to ignore their screams. If you can hear it, put your dog in another room or put a blanket on top of his crate. If he can’t see you, he will feel less prone to crying.

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