Lord change my name (2)

God will change your identity! For that lasting divine promise to be actualized and established in your life, in your family, and in your business, it may require a shift, a shift, a repositioning, or an update to your identity. That woman’s name was changed from Sarai to Sara in order to accommodate that spectacular, challenging and generational miracle that God was about to perform in her life. Listen to this: “Then God said to Abraham: ‘Regarding Sarai, your wife, her name will no longer be Sarai. From now on her name will be Sarah. And I will bless her and give you a son from her! Yes, I will bless her abundantly and she will become the mother of many nations. Among her offspring there will be kings of nations. ” Genesis 17: 15-16. Sarai means contentious, debatable. But Sarah is my princess. She will be a princess of God who will give birth to God’s promises to humanity. I love the possessive pronoun ‘Mi’ that God used there. It shows that he was Sarah’s special owner because she was carrying out her very important plan and vision. My princess! When you carry the vision, the interest of God, he puts special interest, ownership, attention and protection in you. He guides you until you deliver. In fact, that is why he told Jacob at Bethel that he would not leave until he had fulfilled all that he (God) promised him. Do you know that you are carrying out God’s plans and promises? Do you know that he will constantly take care of you until everything happens? What you are pregnant is of the Holy Spirit! Yes, nothing, nobody, no situation can stop you or destroy you until those dreams are fulfilled!

This change of identity was necessary to facilitate that transformation of belief, vision, thought and reproductive organs that will be able to accommodate the miraculous conception and delivery of a baby by a ninety-year-old woman. It was almost as if Mary conceived Jesus without the participation of Joseph or any man. If the angel Gabriel had not come to explain and reassure them, there would be no way they would have understood or accommodated that supernatural event that will forever change the power, the spiritual and redemptive calculation of the entire universe. Now, I am sure that you are reading this message because what God is about to do in your life will not only affect you, but it will impact those around you and humanity. A woman with dead organs, dead hormones, and even dead hope will conceive and give birth to a child. My God! Yes, I added a dead hope because they weren’t expecting that again and even when God started talking about it, she would laugh and laugh. For her it was like a very expensive and impossible joke. What are those things that seem dead inside and outside of you? They are waking up today in the name of Jesus because you must bring forth that divine promise! They will be revived! The Bible says that Sarah’s body, the reproductive organs, were already dead. My daughter Joy said ‘very dead’ when she was a child. He was very dead!

Sarah’s name was not only changed physically. No. She was spiritually transformed from that barren woman and mocked the mother of many nations and many kings even before the physical manifestation. The physical name change was only to reflect what has already been done, created in spirit. The spirit governs the physical. It happens first in the spirit and then it manifests itself in the physical. What you see is only the result or effect of actions and reactions that you do not see. What are people calling you today? What is that unpleasant condition that has clung to your life and given you an unpleasant identity? It has been changed and you will begin to see the physical manifestation from now on. Sometimes you may need to change your belief, your position, your attitude, or your identity before you receive the perfection of God’s promises for your life. And when I say identity, I don’t mean just the physical name. No. There are some people who have a wrong, cursed, sinful, and manipulated spiritual identity. When their blessings come, they find it difficult to locate them. I’ve heard from people who missed their marriages, favors, and other blessings because the person caring for them had a terrible dream about them and changed their mind. This is the spiritual manipulation of identity. Many are today blocked in spirit. His true identity has been manipulated and distorted.

Some of your potential benefactors will be warned or scared into offering no help to the individual. This explains why most people are not favored or blessed, even when they are very hardworking, skilled, connected and attractive, and unless those yokes, obstacles and distorted identities are changed, the person will continue to have misfortunes, lack of favor. and lack of blessings. Just look around you, you will see them everywhere: unsuccessful, single, unemployed, underemployed and disorganized, without help and favor. Sighing. But the less gifted and qualified outnumber them. You do not see them? They need a spiritual identity change in order to change their physical manifestation. They have been manipulated in the spirit. You must ask God to change your identity today. This is the type of situation that Solomon described as strange to him because he saw beggars on horseback and princes walking on foot. My God! As I write this, I spoke with a lady I have known for over twenty years. She was crying. She asked me to pray for her. He could not understand why he would have a very rich, multimillionaire family and still suffer. I saw with her because I have worked for them for years. They are truly some of the richest to be found with delicious investments scattered everywhere. They are extremely rich! But look at one of your own sufferings in the midst of not just abundance, but surpluses. She even complained that people tease her and refuse to help her when they know her family background. They think you can’t be serious. We will continue. Share this message with others.

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