Advanced Pilates Classes in East Sheen

Pilates Classes in East Sheen

Many people believe that Pilates is only for women and that it doesn’t provide a proper workout. The truth is that Pilates is a low impact exercise that profoundly strengthens the core and improves all muscle fitness. It also provides a great cardiovascular endurance workout.

Our advanced Pilates class East Sheen challenge you to train your stability and mobility while challenging your body’s ability to coordinate complex movement patterns. These exercises challenge your mind to be in the moment, as you practice the nuances of a new motor skill while increasing your level of mastery and awareness of your body.

At an advanced level you’ve mastered the basics of moving your body in different planes of motion, you have optimized your mobility, and you have increased your strength. The Pilates method inspires you to be a body detective, and you can see how a simple tweak such as slowing your movements, or engaging your abs by drawing your belly button toward your spine can next-level any Pilates exercise!

Advanced Pilates Classes in East Sheen

The Level 4 class challenges you to move beyond your comfort zone and push yourself in a safe manner. You will be able to perform a series of challenging exercises, with minimal guidance from the teacher. These exercises are advanced because they require the student to understand the principles of Pilates and how to apply them to a variety of movements. You are ready to challenge your body and your ability to control it in new ways, such as using the full range of motion on the Pilates Reformer or integrating jump board into a Pilates circuit.

The Pilates Magic studio is a small fully equipped Pilates reformer studio that offers private and duo bespoke training sessions, along with group classes. Our groups are small for more one on one time, and can accommodate a wide range of levels. Our teachers are experienced in working with a wide range of body types and injuries.

We have a wide range of equipment to suit all needs, including the Pilates reformer, trapeze table, Wundachair and various small apparatus. The goal is to create a movement sanctuary that is safe and welcoming for all. Our instructors are all highly qualified and insured. We clean all equipment before and after each class. Please bring a pair of grip socks to your session (pilates mats are provided).

Discover the epitome of fitness refinement with our Advanced Pilates Classes in East Sheen. Tailored for seasoned practitioners seeking heightened challenges, our sessions blend precision, control, and intensity to sculpt bodies to new heights. Led by expert instructors, these classes delve deeper into Pilates principles, integrating advanced techniques like resistance band exercises, dynamic movements, and intricate mat routines.

Embrace a holistic approach to wellness as you refine core strength, enhance flexibility, and cultivate mind-body harmony. Elevate your practice amidst a supportive community, where each session fosters growth and empowerment. Unleash your full potential and redefine fitness with our unparalleled Advanced Pilates experience in East Sheen.

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