Country kitchen curtains tie the kitchen together nicely

Country kitchen curtains are becoming more popular again. They were popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s when they were in high demand. Country kitchen curtains aren’t just the cute cats or vintage dolls that stare at you as you walk by. No, now they are more of a pattern, gingham and checkerboard. However, the colors remain the same, hunter green, muted blues and greys, mustard yellows and pale white to name a few. And of course, the old fashioned country draperies have always been red, white, and blue.

Country kitchen shades, cheap tier shades, Victorian shades, and French shades are all considered window shade coverings. Anything that covers a window is considered a curtain covering widow. It can also be made of wood, like a bamboo screen, or plastic, like a mini blind. All these things are sold as window coverings. There are other things that cover windows, like window clings. These are pieces of plastic on one side and one almost sticky side that ‘sticks’ to the window to form a barrier from the site. These stickers are mainly used where privacy is desired, such as on a bathroom window or near the front door.

Some people learned how to sew window shades from their parents, others from a library book, while others learned home economics at school. Sewing curtains is pretty simple once you have the correct measurements of your window. Always measure twice, cut once with your materials. The sewing is the fun part, once you’ve chosen your pattern and material and measured the window, you don’t have to be a wizard with the sewing machine, a needle and thread will do just fine. Measure the material down from the top about ten inches and fold it. This is where you saw the other side by tunneling for the curtain rod. If the bottom is not folded then you need to fold the bottom and sides as well if they are not finished. So you’re ready to hang your country kitchen curtains.

If sewing is not your thing, you can try cheap curtains. Tier curtains are curtains that usually have three, but sometimes more, layers. Sometimes these layers are puffy, and sometimes they are flat and pleated. Inexpensive tier shades can be found at many department stores or retail stores and they work in many different rooms of the house. They look especially good on long, narrow windows where the length is longer than the width. Most cheap tier curtains go all the way to the floor; however, country kitchen curtains can also be converted to economy level curtains. You can read more free tips on discount curtains at CurtainsGuides.

Curtain tiebacks hold the curtains together, either with a piece of material that matches or contrasts with the curtain material, or with ribbon or braided string so you can see out of the window. Curtain tiebacks give a beautiful accent to any type and style of curtains. Country kitchen curtain tiebacks come in the same colors as the curtains and often come with an embellishment.

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