Newborn checklist for travel

Parents of newborns find traveling with their little ones to be a major inconvenience and this is why they need a newborn checklist. This is not surprising, since the things of a baby can be overwhelming. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for parents like you to pack their baby’s things, given the large amount of clothes, diapers, bottles and wipes that newborns need? But there are times when you can’t avoid traveling with a baby. You can minimize the chances of forgetting an important item by keeping a newborn checklist for travel. Likewise, you can ensure a more comfortable ride for your little one by bringing the right pieces of travel gear.

Your essentials

But before you pack your baby’s things, secure your essentials first. Bring cash or credit, debit, and ATM cards; you don’t want to be penniless during the trip. Don’t forget your passports or if you drive, your driver’s license. The same goes for your medical and travel insurance documents and airline tickets. Keep your address or phone book, as well as hotel or car reservation numbers.

Baby supplies

Pack a lot of clothes, as you don’t want to be caught needing a pair or two on the way. Assign two to three sets per day, plus one extra. Bring a sweater or jacket to warm your baby when you go to cooler weather.

How many diapers do you need to bring? To have enough for the entire trip, allocate a diaper for every hour you are on the road. You can also bring more in case your flight is delayed.

Bring disposable diaper pads that you can put under your newborn during diaper changes. You can buy them in supermarkets and baby stores. Diaper rash can appear at any time during the trip, so you need a small tube of diaper rash ointment.

Bring some blankets as you will find them useful when covering your baby or protecting your clothes from burping. Baby wipes not only help you clean babies’ bottoms, but also clean the face, hands, and even spills. You can opt for disposable bibs instead of wearing totally dirty bibs. Also include cloth travel diapers on your newborn checklist that can serve as burp clothes to clean up spills.


Hungry babies can add to the discomfort along the way. Imagine how difficult it would be to appease a hungry newborn during a flight. So, bring enough formula to last you through unexpected delays. If you are breastfeeding your baby, make sure you have enough snacks and bottled water.

Bring enough bottles to last during the trip. Don’t forget also the bottle brush and a travel dish soap you’ll need in case you have to clean bottles on the go.


Bring several sealable bags that you can use to dispose of dirty diapers or store dirty clothes. After changing your baby’s diapers, you may have a hard time finding a sink where you can wash your hands. Carrying a travel-size hand sanitizer should keep your hands clean after diaper changes.

Bring cold and fever medicine in case your baby experiences a sudden rise in body temperature. If you are traveling by plane, make sure these medications are in your carry-on or diaper bag. Make sure the spoon or dropper for each medicine is also in the bag. You should also bring a thermometer so you know its temperature in case your newborn gets sick.

Keep your little one groomed at all times by bringing toiletries like a brush, shampoo, soap, and nail clippers.

Carrying your baby is easier if you have a sling or front carrier. You should find this useful if you are in busy areas like airports. If you are traveling by car, don’t forget the car seat and car seat pillow to support your baby’s head throughout the trip. A folding stroller is also a must, something that can be stored in the overhead compartment.


To avoid missing important items, start packing a few days before hitting the road. Cross off the things you have packed. Pack your baby’s outfits in separate bags to avoid the hassle of searching for smaller items like socks.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, as well as the spare battery charger and memory card. Your newborn travel checklist should also include age-appropriate toys like rattles, squishy animals, plastic keys, and squishy animals.

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